2018 Publix Tailgater of the Match Winners


Geoff Cummings on what Atlanta United’s success means for the city of Atlanta: “It’s been a rough time for sports in the city of Atlanta, so it means a lot to us to have this team bring success to the city while bringing people together in support of United.”


Sergio Lopez on what it means for United to be competing in the postseason: “It’s great to be a part of the team’s history. We all come together no matter what background, we’re just one community a part of making history with Atlanta United.”


Marcia Glick on her feelings regarding the last home game of the regular season: “It’s really awesome to be here. The kids love coming out and it’s just an awesome atmosphere. It’s great what this team has done for the city of Atlanta.”


Jared on what it means for the Atlanta United to have secured home field advantage in the playoffs; competing for the 2018 MLS Cup: “With all the struggles we have with Atlanta sports it’s great to see a team thriving. It’s also great to see the entire city of Atlanta thriving and rallying behind this team.”


Andrew & Tracy Coles on what it means for the Atlanta United to have the opportunity to compete for the MLS Cup: “It’s awesome for the city of Atlanta. I love the way the Atlanta United team has brought everyone together. Everyone in the stadium comes together as one big family to support this team and cheer them on for every match.”

8/19/18 - Hellewell-Parish United

Nicole Hellewell and Noah Parish on what it means to have an MLS team representing Atlanta and excelling throughout the 2018 season: “It’s awesome to have an MLS team here breaking records and representing Atlanta the way United has. It’s great coming here to every match & coming together with all of the different fans. There’s never a dull moment at an Atlanta United match.”

8/4/18 - 5 Stripes Salter

Wesley Salter on expectations for Atlanta United against the defending MLS Cup champs and beyond: “We’re a good, young, hungry team. I think we learned from last year, and we have good momentum heading into the final stretch of the season, so we’ll do better this year.”

7/21/18 - Aguirre United

Angel Aguirre on what it means to have an all-star caliber team representing Atlanta: “lt’s about time! We needed a soccer team. We’ve been wanting it, needing it, and now we have it, and now we’re showing that we’re here to conquer.”

7/15/18 - Banditos ATL

“We thought it was a great fit. All of our designs are unique, just like the mix of different backgrounds in Atlanta, so we thought it would be a great cultural experience to start something special for Atlanta United.” - Ashneel Ali on what inspired his Atlanta United themed bandanas.

6/24/18 - United with United

“Going to Atlanta United games has a nostalgic feeling. It brings people of different cultures and backgrounds all together to celebrate winning and love.” -- Rebbie Edmonds on how Atlanta United has brought together people from all walks of life.

6/2/18 – Silverback Crew

"Atlanta’s been waiting for this chance—we’ve been waiting for a team. When they announced the team in 2013, everybody in the city was hyped. We’ve got all kinds of races and genders united as one, and now we’re just out here to have fun. We’re all just having fun, drinking with our friends, and you make new friends—your tailgating neighbors—and it’s just a great experience.” -- Edgardo Castro on why the Atlanta United atmosphere makes him want to tailgate.

5/20/18 - Kiki United

“This is so much fun. My son and husband went to visit (a match at) Ajax, and they said ‘Atlanta is so much better, we have to go back.” -Amsterdam native Kiki Edelman on how Atlanta United matches compare to European matches

5/9/18 - Terminus Legion Tailgate

“It’s so great that Publix is a sponsor for Atlanta United. I’m a true soccer fan all my life, and I’ve worked at Publix since I was barely able to drive. Just to know that Publix is here, and I see that tent in the background, it hits home for me.”-- Bradley Hartloge on what it means to be the Publix Tailgater of the Match after working for Publix for over a decade

4/28/18 - Los Cinco Stripes

“The community, man, it’s awesome. It’s the spirit they give to the game—it’s on another level. They don’t have it in another city in the whole U.S. That’s Atlanta, man!” -- Jose Sandoval on why Atlanta United makes him want to tailgate at 9:30 am

4/15/18 - The Lightning

“The atmosphere is unbelievable. You look around (and) there’s thousands of people out here tailgating having a blast - getting behind the team. It’s a great family event.” -- Russ Kiefer on what drives him to tailgate (even in inclement weather).

4/7/18 - Ashley’s St. Patty’s Birthday Tailgate

"It goes back to our Hispanic roots. Our parents always made this food (chorizo tacos), and it’s fun [to grill], so why not bring it out here?" -- David Rabadan, while grilling, on bringing his own flavor to Atlanta United tailgates.

3/17/18 - Ashley’s St. Patty’s Birthday Tailgate

“It’s so much fun. I’m excited. I’ve been practicing many St. Patrick’s Days for this, but the best is to be able to spend it at an Atlanta United match.”-- Ashley Pappas on spending her birthday at an Atlanta United match.

3/11/18 - United Thunder

“It means everything: passion, fun, soccer, family. It’s a great time.” -- Manuel Recinos on what Atlanta United means to him