If you see me out and about in my vest what should you do?

If you see me out with my vest on please admire from a distance or ask my puppy raiser if you can pet me. She will then give the okay and allow interaction.

Can you pet me?

Yes, but I ask you please ask my pup raiser for permission first.

How can you get a service dog like me?

You can apply to get a service dog like me through America’s VetDogs. Please check out the eligibility requirements and complete the application here.

Can you give me toys and treats?

Please refrain from giving me toys and treats as I am on a special diet and given kibble for my current training. I have plenty of toys and treats at home.

Can I bring my dog to meet you and snap a photo?

Since I’m a service dog in training, I’m taught to ignore other dogs and focus solely on my handler when I am in public and in my vest. This is an important skill for me to learn and gain experience with, so that I am prepared to be a safe and attentive partner for my veteran. Unfortunately, I cannot interact with dogs and pups in public that I am not already familiar with, but I do get to romp around with my puppy buddies lots when I am not on duty!

How to help me and America’s VetDogs?

You can help me and America’s VetDogs through a variety of ways. Click here for more information.

How to help me and America’s VetDogs?

For any additional questions or information about me, please reach out to communications@atlutd.com.

Atlanta United Pup King FAQS