I see masks are required, do I have to wear my mask while in my seat?

Face coverings will be mandatory for anyone in-stadium (fans and staff) and must be worn at all times (other than while actively eating or drinking), including during security screening. Look at it as another way to rock your team's colors and be a good teammate – Because wearing a face covering not only helps to protect you but also others.

What areas will be affected by policy on limited capacity?

You are required to follow all six-foot physical distancing markers that will be displayed throughout common areas inside and outside stadiums. These markers will help you line up for security screening, restrooms, shops and concessions. Remember, we're in this together so please be respectful of other fans and their space.

How are you going to choose who gets to come to the games?

Members who responded to the survey indicating they are interested in attending limited capacity matches this season will be able to use existing credit in their account to obtain tickets for select matches via the Atlanta United Account Manager platform, subject to availability. Please note, for each match members will only be able to claim the number of existing seats in their account or a lesser amount than was selected in the return to play survey. Step-by-step directions on how to claim tickets will be provided to all members who indicated their desire to attend potential limited capacity matches by completing the survey.

Will I be able to select from any match?

Initially, members will receive notice of a redemption window during which they will have the ability to use existing credits on their account to acquire tickets for either the match on October 24th or November 1st, subject to availability. Members will receive additional communication from the club notifying them when opportunities to acquire tickets for future limited capacity matches become available.

Can I choose which matches I come to this year?

Atlanta United members will have the opportunity to attend up to two limited capacity regular season home matches. Members who redeem for either the October 24th or November 1st match will receive priority access to redeem for a second match, subject to availability.

Will I get my same seats?

Due to seating locations being restricted in a manner that promotes social distancing, we cannot guarantee members their same seating location for limited capacity matches. Members will, however, be able to select available seats that are in their same price point and quantity configuration.

Will I get the same seats to each match in 2020?

We cannot guarantee the same seats to each match in 2020 as it will be a new selection process each time. Members may not get the same seat to each match, but they will have the opportunity to receive the same quantity of and in a similar price point as their season tickets.

Is the Supporters section still going to be general admission?

The Supporters Section will not be General Admission during limited capacity matches. All Supporters Section seats will be assigned to promote social distancing guidelines.

Why are the first several rows unavailable in the lower bowl? Why are the Club patios closed?

The first several rows of seats closest to the field as well as the club patios will be closed off to support physical distancing between fans and players. Stadiums will also be blocking off seats to support physical distancing among fans. Please stick to your assigned seats and be sure to check your team's guidelines for more details.

Will I receive a 2021 credit for the games I do not come to this year?

If a member redeems tickets for matches in 2020, the credit in their account will be applied to those matches. Whether or not a member redeems any credits for matches in 2020, they will receive a 2021 season ticket credit for the full amount remaining in their account at the end of the 2020 season.

Can I resell and transfer limited capacity match tickets?

Yes, members will have the ability to transfer and resell their tickets. However, for each limited capacity match, all tickets must be sold or transferred as a single block. To ensure ticket block integrity, we recommend that tickets are only resold through Ticketmaster.com. As an example, if a member has four tickets, all will need to be resold or transferred together – selling as two groups of two, or a group of three and a single, will not be permitted. Failure to manage tickets in a way that promotes social distancing and our guidelines will put accounts at risk of having season tickets revoked.

Do I have to use all of my season tickets if I come to a limited capacity match?

No, members do not have to use all of their tickets that are available for the remainder of the 2020 season. In the survey, members had the opportunity to specify how many tickets from their account they were interested in using on a per match basis for the remainder of this season. Please note, members are not able to change this response later and the number will be applied for any limited capacity matches they choose to attend.

How can I purchase parking passes?

Parking will be made available in the coming weeks. Once available, you will be able to purchase parking passes for the matches you attend here.

What is the priority for playoff tickets should they be limited capacity?

Members who would like to have the opportunity to attend potential limited capacity matches, including playoffs, must have completed the survey indicating their intent to be included in the ticket program for 2020. Additional information, including priority for playoff tickets, will be provided as we get closer to potential home playoff matches.