Executive Staff

Technical Staff

Academy Technical Staff

    • Tony Annan
      Academy Director
    • Kristofer Bertsch
      Academy Head Coach
    • Matthew Lawrey
      Academy Head Coach
    • Michael Lynch
      Academy Head Coach
    • Liam Curran
      Academy Head Goalkeeper Coach
    • Steven Covino
      Academy Coach
    • Ryan Maurer
      Academy Coach
    • Rodrigo Rios
      Academy Coach
    • Jaime Benedetti
      Academy Assistant Coach
    • Jamie Davies
      Academy Assistant Coach
    • Otto Loewy
      Academy Assistant Coach
    • Michael Serio
      Academy Sports Performance Coach
    • Nathaniel Horton
      Academy Administrator

    Ticket Sales & Service

    Communications & Community Relations

    • Director of Communications
    • Chris Winkler
      Manager, Communications
    • Justin Veldhuis
      Communications Coordinator
    • Chris Raimondi
      Communications Associate
    • Marissa Ahrens
      Manager, Community Relations
    • Sydney Stern
      Community Relations Intern


    • Director of Marketing & Fan Engagement
    • Allison Hoover
      Manager, Marketing & Fan Engagement
    • Jamie Hebert
      Marketing & Fan Engagement Coordinator
    • Kacey McInerney
      Marketing & Fan Engagement Coordinator
    • Drew Macuga
      Marketing & Fan Engagement Associate
    • Michael Nelson
      Marketing Associate


    • Director of Digital and Broadcast
    • Katie Gillen
      Manager of Social Media and Analytics
    • Mikey Alfano
      Digital Video Producer
    • Eric Rossitch
      Digital Content Producer
    • Ryan Catanese
      Digital Content Producer
    • Katlyn Stevens
      Social Media Coordinator


    Sponsorship Sales and Service

    • Sponsorship Sales Executive
    • Ludwig Ossowski
      Corporate Partnership Executive

    Facility Operations

    • Luke Mashburn
      Facility Operations Manager
    • Larry Middleton
      Supt of Building Maintenance
    • Scott Ashworth
      Security Manager
    • Mike Watson
      Head Groundskeeper
    • Ben Wolosick
      Assistant Groundskeeper

    AMB Sports & Entertainment Group

    • Chief Executive Officer
    • Executive Vice President, Chief Administrative & Financial Officer
    • Chief Information Officer
    • Chief Technology Officer
    • Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer
    • Senior Vice President, Chief Communication Officer
    • Jennifer Johns
      Director, Marketing and Brand
    • Shavannia Anderson-Williams
      Manager, Marketing
    • Senior Vice President, Human Resources
    • Senior Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer
    • Senior Vice President, Fan Experience
    • Michael Drake
      Senior Vice President and Chief Revenue Officer, Business Operations
    • Michael Egan
      Senior Vice President and General Counsel
    • Director, Business Analytics
    • Estee Trebucq
      Business Operations Coordinator
    • Hannah Jordan
      Business Operations Coordinator
    • Senior Director of Game Presentation, Events, & Stadium Production
    • Manager, Events
    • Tameka Rish
      Director, Corporate Partnerships
    • Dana Harple
      Director of Corporate Partnerships
    • Tyler Hargrove
      Sr. Corporate Partnership Executive
    • Taylor Walker
      Sr. Corporate Partnership Executive
    • Laura Freel
      Sr. Corporate Partnership Executive
    • David Quiroga
      Corporate Partnership Executive
    • Jordan Mabin
      Corporate Partnership Executive
    • Case Garner
      Ticket Sales Account Executive
    • Joseph Gallegos
      Ticket Sales Account Executive
    • Juston Washington
      Ticket Sales Account Executive
    • Michael Kilian
      Ticket Sales Account Executive
    • Nicole Stefani
      Ticket Sales Account Executive
    • Michael Burrell
      Sponsorship Sales Executive
    • Debbie Slingerland
      Sponsorship Sales Executive
    • Kristen Price
      Executive Assistant, SVP, Chief Commercial Officer
    • Lauren Fisher
      Premium Services Manager
    • Sean Reardon
      Premium Services Executive
    • Shanicka McClendon
      Premium Services Executive
    • Brandon Ringeisen
      Premium Sales Account Executive
    • Hillary McDonald
      Premium Account Services Executive
    • Moniek Cofield
      Premium Sales Coordinator
    • Dylan Mitchell
      Sales Administrative Assistant
    • Colin Elias
      Business Intelligence Specialist
    • Craig Melissas
      Fan Insights Specialist
    • Mark Simmons
      Manager, Ticketing Analytics and CRM
    • Jennifer Martin
      CRM Specialist
    • Jamie Dalton
      Email Marketing Manager
    • Chris Jones
      Manager, Digital Partnership
    • Barbara Goodfellow
      Director of Talent Acquisition, HR Operations
    • Anne Pratapas
      Benefits and Wellness Manager
    • Melissa Clark
      HR Technology and Analytics Manager
    • Ellie Amaguana
      Human Resources Business Partner
    • Manny Castillo
      Human Resources Business Partner
    • Krystle Carter
      Human Resource Specialist
    • Nisha Schmitt
      Manager, Retail
    • Michael Benford
      Creative Director
    • Kevin Fitzgerald
      Manager of Creative
    • Debra Naderhoff
      Director, IT Infrastructure
    • Kevin Pope
      Director of Technical Services
    • Devin King
      Manager, Technical Services
    • Matthew McNamara
      Senior Systems Engineer
    • Richard Nelson
      Senior Wireless Network Engineer
    • Frank Ellis
      Technical Analyst
    • Paul Wong
      Technical Analyst
    • Phillip Arms
      Technical Analyst
    • Alexander Nye
      System Administrator
    • Joel Seguradone
      Network Administrator
    • Melford West
      Server Administrator
    • Kelly Fields
      Device Administrator
    • Andrew Trammell
      Business Systems Analyst
    • Mobley Jones
      Business Systems Analyst
    • Sherrie Parrish-Booker
      Business Systems Analyst
    • Angela Franklin
    • Tucker Brooks
      Sr. Graphic Designer
    • Brittany Davis
      Senior Designer II
    • Kenneth Baldwin
      Junior Designer
    • Keith Hansard
      Production Coordinator
    • Victor Williams
      Director, Stadium Systems, Mercedes Benz Stadium
    • Jason Cothern
      Manager, Game Presentation, Live Events & Video Production
    • Kelsey Gillespie
      Live Event Manager
    • Erika Baranek
      Live Event Producer
    • Jamie Coder
      Live Event Producer
    • Brandon Campbell
      Graphics Producer
    • Don Sill
      Sr. Video Producer
    • Randy Cousar
      Video Engineer
    • Martin Henry
      Director of Security