WATCH: Andrew Carleton & George Bello Fan Q&A

Andrew Carleton and George Bello are closing in on the first team, with the former earning his first MLS start in July and the latter named in the MLS matchday squad for the first time earlier this month. The two Homegrown signings joined us to answer fan questions in a Live Q&A, presented by Chick-Fil-A.

Andrew is always talking about Messi, why do you think he’s the best of all time?

Carleton: The way he affects the game is just so much more than any other player. Even if he’s not scoring or assisting, he’s affecting the game. Ronaldo is a crazy goalscorer, if he’s not scoring the goals he doesn’t affect the play as much as Messi. Messi is always involved, always getting other guys involved and making players around him better.

Bello: I feel the same, I love Messi and have him on the wall in my bedroom. He’s the GOAT, I like the way he plays. Ronaldo is hard work talent, but Messi is just natural talent. That’s what I go with.

When you cutting your hair?

Bello: They have to be talking about the mane.

Carleton: Not any time soon, I have to get it going. It’s in a bun now but it’s not as sharp as I need it to be. Give it a few months and we’ll get there.

Who’s your favorite European team?

Bello: I support Chelsea, they’re very good. They need a better striker, but it’s a great team. They’re going to win the league, off to a great start.

Carleton: Tottenham is my team. Me and my boy Darren [Eales] are Tottenham boys (laughs). And as a Messi fan I have to cheer for Barcelona, I guess they’re my second favorite team.

Who’s the fastest on the team?

Carleton: It’s a tough one. Miggy and Tito are back and forth, one day I think it’s one the next I think it’s the other. I think Tito’s a little quicker, but over a longer distance Miggy is just unreal.

Bello: On the ball, he’s just so quick.

Carleton: Right, on the ball, Miguel is just crazy fast. But in the open field, Tito just flies. It’s a win-win, they’re both crazy fast.

How’s your Spanish?

Bello: Muy bien!

Carleton: I’m understanding a lot more now, as far as speaking it I’m not quite there yet. Most of the times I’ll be able to now.

Bello: I understand a good bit now to be honest. Getting there.

What are you guilty pleasures on TV?

Carleton: I’m watching The Originals right now, I’m hooked right now I watch a few episodes per day, it’s my show right now. That and Family Guy.

Bello: I’m not really a TV guy right now, I’m on PlayStation playing Fortnite and FIFA!

Carleton: Only if we’re playing squads.

Who’s the best at FIFA?

Carleton: Not me. I’ve lost too many times doing dumb plays throwing it away.

Bello: I’m very experienced player at FIFA, I know every skill move. If anyone wants to play me, I’m pretty decent.

Carleton: Chris Goslin is pretty good, Tito’s not bad.

What’s on your pregame playlist?

Carleton: Gunna.

Bello: Gunna, Lil Baby, Nav. I get some gospel in, one or two to calm it down a little bit.

Who do you model your game after?

Carleton: I like to watch Christian Eriksen for Tottenham and Eden Hazard for Chelsea, and I try to be a mix of both of them. Sometimes I’m inside as a 10, sometimes I’m out wide. So I try to go back and forth between those two guys.

Bello: I try to be like David Alaba from Bayern, really versatile player, so I try to make my game after him. And Marcelo of course, crazy guy.

Was the coaching in your youth years essential to you are?

Bello: Every team I’ve played for has been essential.

Carleton: Every coach you learn something new from. You have to play somewhere and they gave us a place to play, so we’ll always be thankful for that.

Pregame rituals?

Bello: Listen to music. Brush my teeth, take a shower.

Carleton: No, a bath, a hot bath. A little hot tub action.

Would you recommend trying out for the Atlanta United Academy?

Carleton: My little brother is in the academy and I see improvement from him for sure.

Bello: Yeah, great people in the Academy.

Favorite Video Game?

Carleton: All I play is Fortnite.

Bello: Yeah, and FIFA and NBA 2k.

Carleton: I gave up on 2k too.

Who’s the biggest goofball on the team?

Carleton: That’s some big competition right there. Jeff Larentowicz.

Bello: Definitely Chris McCann.

Carleton: Mikey Ambrose, those are the big three right there. Everybody fills in here and there but those are the big three.

When are you going to score, Andrew?

Carleton: (laughs) Hopefully soon!