Q&A with Daniel Steedman

ATL UTD 2 midfielder Daniel Steedman shares a few of his favorite things.

  • Favorite color?
    • Blue. 
  • Favorite tv show right now?
    • I was just watching All-American which is really good, so it’s probably up there.
  • Favorite food?
    • I love burrito bowls. Those are always good. I eat a lot of those and will make them at home too.
  • Cook or order in?
    • I usually order in, but I’m learning to cook during this quarantine which is good. I’ve made a few meals now. I wish I could bake because I have the craziest sweet tooth. I haven’t learned to bake much yet. 
  • Favorite baked good?
    • Probably brownies, brownies are amazing. 
  • Favorite sport to watch besides soccer?
    • If I had to pick one, I enjoy watching basketball, the playoffs. I don’t usually watch the regular season. I just watch the playoffs. 
  • What got you into soccer?
    • It just runs in my family. My grandfather used to own his own pro team and help with the Scottish national team. My family built a youth soccer club in North Carolina. I’ve been playing soccer since I could walk. 
  • If you weren’t a soccer player, what would you be doing?
    • I have no idea. My whole family goes through soccer. I’d probably just be a normal college student going through the system, finding something I’d like to get a degree in.
  • Favorite soccer memory?
    • My favorite memory is probably scoring in the NCAA final to tie up the game. It was probably the most exciting goal I’ve scored so that would be my favorite. 
  • Favorite thing about Atlanta?
    • I haven’t done much, but I’ve enjoyed going to eat dinner at the Battery. It’s a nice area and that’s a place I go to a lot.