Q&A with Ben Lundgaard

Atlanta United 2 goalkeeper Ben Lundgaard shares some of his favorite things. 

  • Favorite color?
    • I don’t know if I have a favorite color. I guess it’d have to be orange. When I was younger I had the worst orange high tops. I would not let my kids wear them today and don’t know why my parents let me wear them. So I’d have to say orange. 
  • Favorite TV show?
    • My favorite TV show is by far Lost. It’s a pretty old TV show that’s not airing anymore but it’s definitely my favorite so far. 
  • Favorite food?
    • Sushi. Definitely sushi.
  • Favorite sport to watch besides soccer?
    • The NFL because of fantasy football. I love fantasy football. You could say I’m addicted to it when it’s going on. NFL Red Zone for sure.
  • If you weren’t a professional athlete, what would you be doing?
    • My major in college was public relations, so it’s a very broad major. I've got two things for you, but they’re kind of different. One would be to be a public relations manager at ESPN. I think that would be fun. And two, maybe I would take Jeff Probst’s job. I think I’d be alright at that.
  • What got you into soccer?
    • My brother. My mom probably didn't want us playing contact football. And my brother’s two years older than me and he got into soccer. And my mom thought, “This is great, there’s hardly any contact.” So she threw me into soccer and then we both stuck with it for a very long time. We played a lot of other sports. We swam, both played lacrosse and both played basketball. But we both stuck with soccer when we had to make a decision of choosing one sport. 
  • Is that your only sibling?
    • Yes, he is. He’s two years older than me. But make sure to note that he’s shorter than me. 
  • Do you have a favorite thing about Atlanta?
    • Oh the traffic is my favorite thing about Atlanta. It’s kind of sad because we haven’t spent much time here yet, but maybe the weather. I’ve spent some years in some places with very poor weather so I'm appreciative of that.