Predating the music, the sports, the art and the city itself. Intertwined through generations past, present and future. Forever rooted in the ground we stand on – the Georgia peach. In 2017 we landed in the ATL. Now, here we are, ingrained in the city, its people and its culture. Sprouting from the Georgia clay and branching into every walk of life, it’s in our DNA to connect. As a club, we are united, with allegiances so strong you can taste it. This is the King Peach kit.






In Atlanta United’s inaugural season, the club made waves, but our fans shook the world. While they bleed red, black and gold every day, one tribute sticks out among the rest. As kickoff approached at Bobby Dodd Stadium, the Atlanta faithful unveiled a masterpiece. Depicted on the tifo, a golden crown perched on top of a sweet peach. A statement from the fans, staking our claim as Kings of the South. This kit is inspired by YOU and for YOU. The King Peach has arrived.









Draped on street corners, bridges, license plates, and more – the quintessential peach color blankets the city, serving as a constant reminder of our roots. From Bankhead to Buckhead, Duluth to Decatur, Marietta to Midtown –– diversity is our strength, but the peach binds us to this place we call our home. What others view as sweet, we view as swagger and now we rep it on the field.







Sitting atop the heart with our hallmark five stripes, the Atlanta United crest embodies who we are as a club only now dipped in Peach, boasting our background and paying homage to the fruit that cements us to this city. This is a statement for Atlanta. This is a statement for YOU.






The panel pattern decorating the front of the kit is equal parts tradition and modern originality, inspired by the classic soccer ball design as well as the bold, state-of-the-art Mercedes-Benz Stadium roof. It’s a tribute to our sanctuary for soccer, now an architectural exclamation point in the city’s skyline. Our club, our sport, our home, flourishing as one.






The back of the jersey is solid white and engineered to allow for breathability, moisture management and temperature regulation. Featured on the back of the neck is a printed, peach infused ATL UTD as a reminder that this city is, and forever will be, united.






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 Kit Options Available

The King Peach Kit is available in a variety of styles:

  • Authentic Short-Sleeve
  • Authentic Long-Sleeve
  • Replica Short-Sleeve
  • Women's
  • Youth
 Authentic vs Replica

The authentic version of the kit is constructed of Adizero technology making it lightweight and fitted to enhance performance for the players on-field. With a more loose/casual fit and a knit fabric, the replica is built for the fans. For more information on the differences between authentic and replica please visit here.