2017 Publix Tailgater of the Match Winners

10.26 Tailgater of the Match - UGA United Alumni

“Our whole tailgate consists of runners from University of Georgia. The special thing about our tailgate is that we are of all ages. We are not exclusive to any class which hopefully will keep our tailgate going! We also welcome anyone else outside of UGA!” -- Brendan Hoban

10/22 Tailgater of the Match - Atlanta United FC Unleashed

“The atmosphere has been electric. There is nothing like it!” -- Victor Gonzalez on the best part of Atlanta United matches

10/3 Tailgater of the Match - Black Harts

“We’ve tailgated at every home match this year. We’ve had several restaurants cater, but we also make our own foods and drinks depending on the opponent we play!”--JR Francis on their tailgating setup

9/27 Tailgater of the Match - The Yellow Card Crew

“The youth of the squad and the depth of the Academy is staggering. I think we can be great for a long time!” -- Will Strauss on what excites him most on the future of Atlanta United.

9/24 Tailgater of the Match - Southside Tailgate

“Connecting with fans from all different walks of life. We meet at Bobby Dodd and now we are lifelong friends. The club has truly united us.” --Megahan Wittkop on what Atlanta United has brought to the area.

9/20 Tailgater of the Match - Colombians United

“(Josef) Martinez is relentless. He just doesn’t stop on the pitch. He always wants the ball and is not satisfied until (we get) a win! When he has been out there, we are a different team.” --Juan Arroyave on the player he’s been most impressed by in 2017.

9/16 Tailgater of the Match - United We Are

“The fan support has been crazy. We did not expect the fans to be this hype and come out (every match). The players have been performing tremendously on the pitch as well.” -- Santiago Hernandez on what’s impressed him the most during the 2017 season.

9/13 Tailgater of the Match - 12 of ATL

“Atlanta has great potential moving forward and we should be a team to look out for. The city has always had the potential with our fan support and now we have a team to match. We’re selling out games and performing well on the pitch. Watch out for Atlanta! We’re here to conquer!” – Gabriel Diaz on Atlanta United’s success in its inaugural season.

9/10 Tailgater of the Match - Laverty Lunatics

“The concessions and big-time vibe!” – Kevin Laverty on what excites him most about Atlanta United moving into Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

7/4 Tailgater of the Match - La Banda Del Sur

“We love this sport. We’ve lived here for so long and have waited for it. We didn't expect this… so thanks to Publix!” -- Juan Carlos Torres

6/24 Tailgater of the Match - Atlanta United Supper Club

“Atlanta United means diversity and unity to us,” Angie Moore on what Atlanta United means to their group.

6/17 Tailgater of the Match - Atlanta Unidos

“Atlanta United means family, it means friends, it means bringing people together who have never experience fútbol,” – Adrian Negrete and Kyle Shipman on what Atlanta United means to them.

5/28 Tailgater of the Match - Team Phelan

"(It’s been a) Great first year for an expansion team. If we keep going at it and finish strong, we'll be in contention for the playoffs." – Kyle Phelan on Atlanta United’s strong start."

5/20 Tailgater of the Match - The Haitians

"My life. I love the team. It brings life to Georgia. We've been missing a soccer team." - Franklin Medeus on what Atlanta United means to him

4/30 Tailgater of the Match - The United Express

“We’re just excited because it’s our passion, it’s our team and it’s finally here in Atlanta.” - Joseph Stepancik on what excites him about supporting Atlanta United

3/18 Tailgater of the Match - Atliens

“We see Atlanta United leading the league not only in fan support, but also at the top of the table for competition.” - Kim Bowen

3/5 Tailgater of the Match - A-Town Stay Down

“We’re based out of Harnett County (and) we tailgate a lot for Falcons games. We’re really excited about Atlanta United, getting a team here in Atlanta. I mean, I’ve waited for this all my life. Honestly I’ve been in Atlanta since I was 5 years old. I played soccer growing up. I watched the Silverbacks, the Atlanta Rockets, etc. To have an MLS team (here) in Atlanta is really exciting.” - Kenny Villada