"Inspired by Atlanta" Scarf Design Contest

In Atlanta, it's Scarves Up
Now imagine one that you designed right here:

Inspired by Atlanta, created by you. Your chance to design an Atlanta United scarf!

Atlanta United is accepting submissions from the 17s with their favorite scarf designs. The winner will have their design featured as the November Scarf of the Month.

Here's how it works:

  • CLICK HERE to download the template.
  • Create your design by hand, illustration, or digitally
  • Take a picture or scan the design (save the original).
  • E-mail your submission to scarfdesigncontest@atlutd.com by 8/21
  • The e-mail must include:
    • The scarf design attached in .PDF format
    • Your name
    • Phone number
    • Zip code

CLICK HERE to read the full official contest rules

So let's see it, Atlanta.

Your creativity becomes our club history

It could be YOUR scarf held high by the 17s