Interim head coach Rob Valentino on 'shared success' and the plans going forward for Atlanta United 


On Friday, June 7, Atlanta United's interim coach Rob Valentino spoke to local media about how he sees the club moving forward, and what he hopes to improve on for the next 18 matches.

The 5-Stripes next match comes on June 15 against Houston Dynamo FC at Mercedes-Benz Stadium. They are coming off a busy May and beginning to June with seven MLS matches and two Open Cup matches a span of 3o days. Despite this week with no MLS match for Atlanta, eight players are currently away after being called up for the June FIFA International Window. Valentino said it is good they had some time off for the team to come back "refreshed".

Valentino mentioned that time to reflect could also help with their mentality towards the game. A busy workload, on top of the lackluster results, can result in fatigue.

"The next thing I want to touch on is getting back to that enjoyment," said Valentino "How we can find that everyday, on and off the field - and shared success. When you look at teams and organizations, it is not one person's fault, it is shared in terms of where we are. There is that responsibility and accountability. But on the other side of it, I want there to be shared success. We really want to enjoy the day to day. I think that is going to be the message going forward from myself."

There is a one day at a time mentality during this part of the season. Valentino expressed the importance of just focusing on the coming match against Houston and going from there. He says the team is only one "spark away from igniting". With players being called up, injuries, and possible roster changes, everyone being on the same page is key for the 5-Stripes to get that next win.

"Everybody response to coaching differently," said Valentino. "I think that is the uniqueness of a team. You have players from different backgrounds and different cultures. I love working with the human side of the things. I enjoy getting to know the players and the relationship building. I am going to try and trigger things that we can get behind together. We are all in one boat together and going the same direction."

Valentino looks to impliment those changes against Houston. Fan not attending the home match can catch the 4:30 p.m. kickoff and all the action on MLS Season Pass on Apple TV. As well as listening on local radio 92.9 The Game and La Mejor.

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