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On June 7, I celebrated my birthday! I turned 1 year old. I know that's means I'm seven in people years. But honestly, I don't feel much older than the day I got my first bone.

For my special day, I went to the Children's Healthcare of Atlanta Training Ground to celebrate with my best friends. My Atlanta United teammates greeted me and took me for a walk around the place. It's a beautiful practice field they get to play on! Then, I experienced first-paw the cake smashing they all talk about. My pal Mikey brought me a cake. When I tell you that icing was delicious, believe me! It was more tasty than the Pup Cups they serve at the drive-thru.

Birthdays are a good time to think about the things in your life. And I tell you, my first year at Atlanta United has been amazing! Just last summer, I was introduced as the new Atlanta United VetDog. And the supporters have welcomed me and made me feel at home. You've pet me, you've rubbed my belly, you've come out on match days to meet me, you've even had a plush doll made that looks just like me! And I've gotten to see so much of Atlanta, including the big airport you guys have. I've even been to some of the local restaurants in the area, too. This city has some of the best (and most delicious smelling) foods around!

It's been a great birthday, and I'm really thankful. Just thinking about what the next year will bring has my tail wagging!

I know a few of you are ready to meet me, but I'll be in New York for the next few weeks. So keep reading and I'll make sure to update you on my next trip to the Benz!

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