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Keeping Up With King: Pup Goes Out To Eat

Keeping Up With King Presented by Zep: Pup Goes Out To Eat May 24, 2022

This week on Keeping Up With King presented by Zep...

I finally got a break from the kibble and went out to eat at a restaurant. Well, I didn't order anything off the menu... but it was still fun! At the restaurant, my trainer, Michelle, helped me practice settling. As a future service dog, I know settling is an important skill for me to learn. I'm sure my future handler will want to take me on outings sometimes, and I might go to places like an office or a restaurant. I'll need to be able to stay calm in a busy environment and navigate through tight spaces. I want my handler to be able to trust me and rely on me to get us to our table!

I feel comfortable settling at my handler's feet while she eats her meal. During those moments, I'll chew one of my favorite toys for a little while, maybe 30 minutes or so. Michelle says I'm doing really well with this part of my training! I go to restaurants a few times a week, and each time I get a little more comfortable. It exposes me to a different environment and different people. And I learn a lot about food too! You humans have so many tasty kinds of foods. Although I can't eat them, they smell fantastic!

Going out to eat at restaurants is a good experience for me. I'm excited to get a taste of different environments and sniff to experience more new smells! My future handler will take me out to different places, like restaurants and coffee shops, so I'm excited to learn more about them!

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