Re-entry Draft

Offseason Update: Re-Entry Draft

Since the final whistle blew last Saturday officially marking the end of the 2016 MLS season, it’s been full steam ahead for Atlanta United in its inaugural offseason. All eyes have been on the 2017 Expansion team as it has essentially doubled its size, adding a total of nine players to the roster thus far and the week still isn’t over.

Sunday 12/11 Half-Day Trade Window

Tuesday 12/13 Expansion Draft

Tuesday 12/13 Trade

Wednesday 12/14 Free-Agency

Thursday 12/15 Waiver Draft

  • No players drafted

TODAY 12/16 Re-Entry Draft Stage 1

Atlanta United will have another opportunity this week to sign players in the MLS Re-Entry Draft Stage 1. This draft provides all clubs in the league a chance to pick up players who have yet to negotiate a new contract with their current MLS team.

The draft process mimics that of most professional sport drafts, with the selection order based on the previous year performance (i.e. bottom of the league receives number one pick). Atlanta United will have the 21st selection and Minnesota United the 22nd.

Stage 1 of the Re-Entry Draft will begin today at 3pm E.T. with stage 2 of the Re-Entry draft commencing next Thursday Dec. 22.

For more information regarding eligibility & rules of the MLS Re-Entry Draft, click here.

It’s unclear how many players will be drafted this year, however it’s safe to say we can expect a low number considering last year’s resulted in only four selections through both stages combined. Regardless of whether Atlanta United decides to opt in and select a player in the Re-Entry Draft, the 2017 season is right around the corner and there are still spots to fill on the roster, meaning you will want to stay on your toes. Atlanta United will be making plenty of moves over the next few weeks.

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