Flags Out - This is our city

The ATL UTD Flags: Draping the City in 5 Stripes

A symbol of pride and passion, the Atlanta United flags provide an opportunity for the club's supporters to pledge their unwavering loyalty and allegiance to their city. Street by street, house by house, in Atlanta you'll see the Five Stripes represented, whether it's the red, black and gold in the garden, the window, on the front porch or at your local pub. In or out of season, home or away, win or lose, the red, black and gold is displayed high for all to see.

After every Founding Member received a flag and more than 15,000 more were distributed among the fanbase this season, you couldn't pass a neighborhood without seeing those waving Five Stripes. And few lucky fans were fortunate enough to receive a visit from the club and a special reward for having their "Flags Out." The first grand prize winners happened to be the Marin family who received the trip of a lifetime - an all-expenses paid trip across the country to cheer on Atlanta United against the Portland Timbers.

While the first grand prize was a dream come true for the Marin's, it was just the first of many as more lucky "Flags Out" winners were selected throughout the season and received huge rewards including free pizza for a year, full tours of the club's training ground, FIFA18 and much more. 

Founding Member Beth Keller was awestruck when Brittany Arnold and ATL UTD showed up at her door to give her 10 suite tickets to a match in Mercedes-Benz Stadium. Her reaction says it all:

That's just two examples of the many lucky fans who received grand prizes solely by showing their support for their hometown club and displaying their flag. So make sure to get your flag out, put it up in your window, hang it in your yard, showcase it for all to see. The Five Stripes just may roll up to your door.

But that's not the only reason you should put your flag up. This flag signifies much more than the fabric and colors that make it up, it’s a way of honoring the city and committing to something bigger than yourself. Make sure that anyone who passes by knows that this is OUR city. You are not just a fan. You are part of one voice, one people, one club that embodies the meaning and culture of Atlanta.

Unite & Conquer.