Q&A: Robinson and Vazquez go LIVE on Facebook to answer the fans' questions

Atlanta United players always embrace the chance to interact with the fans, and two of the squad’s younger players took full advantage of that. In a live Q&A session presented by Chick-Fil-A, Brandon Vazquez and Miles Robinson answered questions about everything under the sun, including their path to professional soccer, the World Cup and their lives in Atlanta. Watch the full stream above, or or check out some of the highlights below:

Q: When did you start playing soccer and when did you realize it could be a career?

Miles: I‘ve been playing since I was really young. For me, it was getting recruited to go to Syracuse. I’l never forget that.

Brandon: I started playing when I was 3, my big break was probably when I started playing with Xolos in Tijuana. I lived in San Diego, crossed the border every day for training and then crossed it again every day to come back. It was brutal the line… I would have to be out the door by 5 for 7am training. Making it to first division there was big for me. One piece of advice I’d give to a kid with young ambitions is keep working every single day. Never get lazy, always do more than anybody else. It was just a passion for me, every day I woke up and that’s what I wanted to do.

Q: What’s the best part about playing for Atlanta United and what do you guys like to do around Atlanta?

Miles: I like the city a lot, there’s a lot to do in Atlanta. Obviously the fans are awesome, best fans in the league by far and you can just see that every time we go on an away game. We always go to food spots, TopGolf is always there. Ponce City Market and Krog Street Market, Ladybird, there’s so many places here to have a good time.

Brandon: For me the best part about being on this team is coming to the training ground every day, it’s just spectacular. The field, the training facility, everything, it just motivates us.

Q: How do Atlanta United fans compare to the rest of the league and what’s your favorite stadium chant?

Miles: It’s so much better, it’s just the facts. When you play at home at MBS then you go away to a place where there aren’t even half the fans there it doesn’t even compare.

Brandon: It’s just everything. The stadium, training ground, fans, there’s nothing more we could want to be honest. My favorite chant is the Atlanta United call and response, it just gets so loud.

Q: Who’s the biggest joker and who’s the best dressed on the team?

Brandon: Brad may be the biggest joker on the team.

Miles: Brad, McCann, Jeff… Mikey’s always fooling around. The team has plenty of jokers. Who’s the best dressed on the team.. it could be Brandon. This guy takes his swag seriously, he’s always got something fresh on.

Q: Who’s your pick for the World Cup?

Miles: I want Brazil or France to win the World Cup. They have the best rosters, but I don’t know if they can pull it off. It’ll be tough. Personally I don’t want Germany or Spain. They have good players but I don’t think they deserve it this round.

Brandon: That’s exactly what I was going to say. I’m expecting a lot out of Brazil. I talked a little smack to Julian and Kevin about the Germany/Mexico game, you have to!

Miles: Yeah they were pretty mad though, they didn’t really want to talk about it.

Q: How much do you miss Anton Walkes?

Brandon: I talk to him all the time, we’re still in touch. But yeah I do miss him.

Miles: Shout out Anton!