Amir Bashti strives for excellence on and off the pitch

Atlanta United 2 midfielder Amir Bashti knew this city and this team were the perfect fit for him. His skills on the field are what got him here, but he has been equally enthralled with the team’s efforts off the field. 

“I definitely align with and really respect the values of the club and want to uphold them,” Bashti stated with conviction. “Providing entertainment on the field and making an impact off the field in our community.”

Bashti’s passion for doing good in the community wasn’t something he discovered when he signed with the club, but something that has long been a part of his life. In college, he majored in science, technology and society, an interdisciplinary major that combines technical and social sciences.

“I always want to be learning like I continue to do with soccer and try to do off the field, growing my knowledge but also extending an impact into different communities both locally and nationally as well as internationally,” Bashti declared. “I’d definitely be exploring and trying to make an impact.”

For now, Bashti is content to make an impact on the field much like he did when helping Stanford to three consecutive national championships. 

“They were all awesome in their own way. The first one was a blowout, we won 4-0. Then there were the 2 penalty kick shootouts my sophomore year in the semi final and final,” Bashti reminisced. “The last one, my third year, was an overtime thriller. So we’d seen it all in terms of getting all the way there.”

That experience is serving Bashti well as he transitions to life in Atlanta, especially after attending school close to home. He can rely on the constant that soccer offers while adjusting to his new city. Luckily, Atlanta has already worked its charm on the California native.

“I felt the Southern hospitality—people were warm and welcoming,” Bashti explained. “There was a big sports culture that was really cool to see. I had some Southern food dishes that I hadn’t had before. It’s been a fairly easy transition.”

In Atlanta, Bashti sees an opportunity to play for a team filled with multiple opportunities to grow and compete at the highest level. 

“It’s an opportunity to play for a great club and play for something bigger than myself,” Bashti emphasized. “In Atlanta, you really feel a part of that team and every game has season implications but they also serve as an opportunity to try and get up to the first team.”

The chance to further his career while being able to use his platform to continue to do good in the community was something Bashti couldn’t give up. His love of soccer and passion for community outreach make him the perfect fit for the club and for Atlanta. 

“Since I’ve been here, I’ve been a part of and seen some really cool community outreach initiatives from the club,” Bashti acknowledged.

Amir Bashti has found his place on Atlanta United 2, helping to ensure a quality product on the pitch and an enriched community off it.