Q&A with Captain Mo Jadama


Here are a few fun facts about ATL UTD 2’s captain Mo Jadama. 

Favorite Color: 

My favorite color is burgundy and black. I like black.

Favorite Show?

I’m watching Westworld. It’s on HBO. It’s about these humans that are robots and they are taking over. It’s interesting.

Hobbies in quarantines?

I like to read a lot. That takes a lot of my time. I’m into everything. I like nonfiction and fiction. I like to read about people and their life and their stories. I read Malcolm X’s story. I liked that one a lot. I just finished Sapiens. I just started We Were Eight Years in Power by Ta-Neshi Coates

Favorite Food?

My favorite food all-time favorite is an African dish, supa kanja. I try to make it but it usually does not come out as good. Usually, I go buy it or have my mom make it for me.

Favorite sport to watch if you’re not watching soccer?

I really like tennis and UFC.

If you weren’t a professional soccer player, what would you want to do?

I would like to work for the FBI or Central Intelligence. I think that would be it. I would try to go that route. I also would like to do something creative. I like to draw.

When did you start playing soccer?

I cannot remember. I’ve always been playing since I could remember when I was a little kid since I was really little.