Q&A with Lamin Jawneh

Find out a few of Lamin Jawneh's favorite things. 


What’s your favorite color?

My favorite color is red. 


What are you currently watching in quarantine?

I’m watching Star on Hulu. 


What are you doing during quarantine?

Laye’s my roommate. We’ve been training and playing video games during quarantine.


How have Zoom calls been with the team?

It’s been really nice. We all miss each other. I really miss playing soccer, so talking with my teammates helps me get along. 


What other sports are your favorite besides soccer?

I really like American football or basketball. I watch college football. I love Alabama. I have family there. Roll Tide!


If you weren’t a professional athlete, what career would you want to pursue?

I was going to go to college for accounting. My dad believed in going to college and getting a job after that. When I was growing up, I always wanted to play soccer. Soccer’s the only thing I’ve known since I was a kid. My dad just wanted me to go to college because I made very good grades in school. 


What’s your favorite food?

I love domada. Laye and I have the same favorite dish. It’s a Gambian dish. It’s really good. We’ve made it an uncountable amount of times. 


What are you most excited about when quarantine ends? 

I’m ready to get back and start the league and have a fantastic season. I’m ready to work hard.