Quarantine with Mo Jadama and Bradley Kamdem Fewo

When ATL UTD 2 players and roommates Mo Jadama and defender Bradley Kamdem Fewo aren’t working out, studying film, eating or sleeping, they are playing Uno during quarantine. 

“I always beat him,” Jadama shared with confidence and laughter. 

The two of them have been roommates since the beginning of the 2020 season when they joined the club. Kamdem Fewo came from Saint Louis FC while Jadama came from Portland.

Just this past week, the two finally were able to get back out on the pitch and get some touches on the ball as the team began individual training sessions at the Training Ground. Although they haven’t been able to leave the house, they’ve kept busy during the quarantine.

The two work out everyday according to their fitness plans sent by the staff and join Zoom workouts from the club. Though Jadama misses the game, Zoom calls have helped them stay connected through this time.  

“We’ve done group call videos,” Jadama shared. “I’ve done them with the coaches, too. We stay connected on Snapchat and WhatsApp. We are all always in constant communication to help us stay connected. Just talking on the phone is different than being on the pitch. It’s nice.”

The coaches have consistently kept up with them and shared ways to grow as players and athletes.The coaches have called them just to even say hello and talk about life.  Also, they’ve hosted game nights on Zoom to team build and strengthen the team’s bond. 

“I love the coaches,” Jadama expressed. “They always help me on what I can improve. They are sending me videos at home on how I can improve or how I can help the team improve. I really like that because I want to keep improving as a player off and on the field. I think they are helping me and of course, the whole team a lot.”

Besides working out, Jadama and Kamdem Fewo have hung out with their teammates who live in the same building as well. They’ve hosted a few Uno games in their apartment to compete against each other with teammates and neighbors, Lamin Jawneh and Abdoulaye Diop. 

“We play Uno together every now and then,” Jadama said with a laugh. “I also play Uno with Bradley.”

At first, the two had to decide on house rules because they both grew up playing different rules. Jadama grew up playing where you can continue to add draw cards to the stack until the players are out, and Kamdem Fewo grew up once you put a draw card down the next person cannot lay any other cards down. 

“We had to come together and adjust,” Jadama said with a smile. 

Besides Uno, Jadama has been watching some series he’s wanted to catch up on. He’s watched Westworld on HBO, a series where humans are robots trying to take over the world. Usually the roommates don’t watch television together, but one special series they both enjoy is Casa de Papel, which is the Spanish version of Money Heist. 

Another activity they enjoy together is video games. Though Jadama is a fan of Halo and Kamdem Fewo is a Call of Duty player, they both enjoy FIFA. Besides video games, Jadama also reads books. He loves reading, which has consumed most of his time in quarantine. 

“I’m into everything,” Jadama said with joy. “I like nonfiction and fiction. I like to read about people and their life and their stories. I read Malcolm X’s story. I liked that one a lot. I just finished Sapiens. I just started We Were Eight Years in Power by Ta-Nehisi Coates.”

Though it’s been hard being away from the game, Jadama and Kamdem Fewo have used this time to build stronger bonds with each other and their fellow teammates. 

“We are making the most of it,” Jadama stated. “Sometimes, you don’t get this much time away from soccer. I am usually always playing. I never get this type of break. We are enjoying our time as much as we can. I love soccer. I miss it so much.” 

Now that individual training workouts have started, Jadama and Kamdem Fewo can start playing the game they love again and work back to being matchday ready. Now, they have stronger bonds together to help build comradery and chemistry on the pitch.