United We Vote: Everything you need to know about voting in Georgia

United We Vote

This November, make your voice heard. ATL UTD is teaming up with Rock the Vote to ensure our 17s have all the knowledge and tools to show up at the polls on Election Day. 

Why Your Vote Matters

In 2016, nearly 100 million Americans (43%) who were eligible to vote did not go to the polls on Election Day. Historically, the population that does vote is not representative of the nation as a whole. This year, millennials and Generation Z will make up the largest section of the voting population as several Gen-Zers become eligible to vote for the first time. Young voters are less likely to cast their ballot than older generations, so it is vitally important to know the issues and candidates that will affect your future. 

How to Register

Most registration deadlines are in early to mid-October. The process is different for every state but there are several resources at your disposal to help. 

Rock the Vote walks you through the process and helps determine your status and eligibility.

Register: HERE

How to Vote

To vote in Georgia, you must be

  • A citizen of the United States

  • A legal resident of Georgia

  • At least 18 years old

You must be registered to vote prior to Election Day, meet all other state requirements and have a photo ID if you choose to vote in person. If voting by mail, you must request and return an absentee ballot.

If you do not have a valid photo ID, you can request a free Georgia Voter ID card: HERE

When you show up to vote, you must bring a photo ID and vote at your designated polling place. Find out where to vote: HERE

Additional information: HERE

Key Dates

  • August 17-20
    • Democratic National Convention
  • August 24-27
    • Republican National Convention
  • September 22
    • National Voter Registration Day
  • October 20
    • Suggested deadline for absentee ballots to be postmarked
  • October 24
    • Vote Early Day
  • November 3
    • Election Day