Minted in ATL

Seven years ago, the dream of MLS in Atlanta was born. The dream became a reality and quickly captivated the hearts and minds of the 17s and the city. Atlanta United arrived on a mission. It has been resilient, gritty, unbreakable, victorious – immaculate and unwavering. It’s been progressive and unifying. The spirit has been tested but never broken.

From College Park to Sandy Springs, Dahlonega to Macon flags wave and the streets echo the sound of the freight train horn. We connect the past and lead the future. The vision is clear and before us, lies a distinct glow.

The King’s Kit represents our strive for the Gold standard. Gold doesn't define Atlanta, it represents it. Gold is in the city’s veins. Gold is meant for us - because gold is fit for kings


The club’s championship star logo is found over the heart. The club crest was constructed drawing on elements of Atlanta’s rich history and culture, underscoring the city’s progressive and passionate voice. The silver star above the crest stands for what we have conquered. It is championship designation. The crest and star make up the championship star logo.



In our commitment to the gold standard and repping the ATL swagger with all gold everything, all accents found on the King’s Kit are gold.

Gold is the most malleable and ductile metal in the world. When wearing gold, it is said to increase wisdom and power and illuminate a path to success. In addition, gold is symbolic for victory and humankind’s quest for perfection. Globally, gold transcends all boundaries and is recognized across cultures to denote prestige.


The front of the jersey is marked by the clubs iconic 5-Stripes. The 5-vertical stripes stand for our pillars of character - Unity, Excellence, Community, Determination, and Innovation. The city is the fabric of our team. Just as each stripe stands for a pillar, the Chevron Pattern represents the texture that is woven together to create an inseparable bond between us.



To celebrate the 25th season of Major League soccer, we are brining back the iconic 3-stripe adidas EQT jersey design from the 90’s, the era from which MLS was born. Today, we reimagine the EQT design philosophy - “everything that is essential, nothing that is not” through the creative spirit of our supporters and teams. Looking forward, we see a future where what is truly essential is that everyone has the freedom to create — their community, their team, their league — together under the three stripes.


The back is constructed of a white mesh panel to keep players and supporters cool. Designed to go hand in hand with the Star & Stripes, a matching United mark is found on the back neck. This mark pays tribute to Atlanta’s unwavering perseverance and serves as a reminder to players and supporters that we all carry the city on our backs. The player’s name and number will be featured in metallic gold to represent our commitment to excellence.



The Coin found on the jock tag connects our past with our present. The “Spiked A” symbol drives a connection between club, city and our fans on matchday. Below it, a small “D” to represent Dahlonega, where gold was first discovered in Georgia in 1928.

King's Kit

King's Kit

The King's Kit is available in a variety of styles:

  • Authentic Short-Sleeve
  • Replica Long-Sleeve
  • Replica Short-Sleeve
  • Women's
  • Youth