The American Family Insurance Cup where Atlanta United will host CF Pachuca is a Cup Designed by our 17s.

We gave you the opportunity to customize the matchday experience by selecting everything from which songs we should play as the players are warming up, nominating who the Golden Spike Hitter should be, who should take over our Instagram Stories, and more. Now it's time to unveil the results.

Find out below what YOU voted for and get excited for the American Family Insurance Cup, a Cup Designed by our 17s.

Supporters Groups -

IG takeover time. Which Official Supporter Group would you want to take over the ATL UTD Instagram Story?

Answer: Resurgence

Resurgence is an Atlanta United Supporter’s Group who focuses primarily on creating a rowdy and passionate in-match, Supporter's Section experience. Resurgence members pride themselves on "earning their scarf" by standing and chanting the full 90, making our presence known. We prioritize tifo design and execution over tailgating, and proudly send capos and drummers to each match. Our heavy DIY approach motivates members to sing original songs and wave hand-made flags. Driven by pride of club and city, Resurgence will be heard long after the match ends—in victory and defeat. Hail United. Find out more about our Official Supporters Groups here.


GOOOOOAAAAALLLLLLL. What song should be played when we score a goal?

Answer: "B.O.B.", by Outkast

Supporters Groups - Footie Mob

The Golden Spike Hitter is reserved for someone that has made an impact in the city of Atlanta. Our Official Supporter Groups have each nominated someone to hit the Golden Spike. Who will it be, ATL?

Answer: Footie Kids from Footie Mob

Footie Mob is an Atlanta United FC supporters group with members from across the in-town Atlanta area. Our goal is to create a unique fan experience by blending soccer supporters group traditions with our southern sports culture. Join us for match watching parties, tailgates, and in the stands. Find out more information about our Official Supporters Group here.

Chris 180

An honor to us all. Which group will send a representative to be our honorary captain?

Answer: CHRIS 180

CHRIS 180 helps children, young adults, and families through mental health counseling at the CHRIS Counseling Center, group homes, adoption services and a drop-in center for homeless young adults.


Bigger than the game. A few players have submitted their favorite local non-profits and initiatives. Help us choose which cause the 5-Stripes will wear pre-match tops from:

Answer: Boys & Girls Club, Metro Atlanta

For more than 80 years, Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Atlanta (BGCMA) has ignited the unlimited potential of kids and teens by creating safe, inclusive, and engaging environments. Our 26 Clubs located in 11 counties across metropolitan Atlanta have traditionally served nearly 8000 kids & teens (ages 6-18) each year, offering youth development programs during critical non-school hours that promote academic success, healthy lifestyles, and character & leadership. BGCMA also oversees Camp Kiwanis, a 160-acre outdoor residence camp. To learn more about BGCMA, follow us on social media: Twitter (@BGCMA_Clubs), Facebook (BGCMA), LinkedIn (Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Atlanta), and Instagram (bgcmATL), or visit us online at


Time to get hype. What song should kick-off the second half?

Answer: "Thunderstruck", by AC/DC

Behind The Stripes Jeezy

Dub city. What song should we celebrate the win to?

Answer: "Put On For My City", by Jeezy

Photos from Atlanta United's 4-1 win over Chicago Fire FC on Saturday, May 7, 2022__0048

COMPLETE THE SENTENCE: The roof should be _ for the American Family Insurance Cup match on June 14th (pending weather).

Answer: CLOSED


Pick the drip. What kit should Atlanta United wear during the American Family Insurance Cup?

Answer: BLVCK Kit

Photos from Atlanta United's 3-0 win over Orlando City at Mercedes-Benz Stadium on Friday, September 10 2021_013

The choice is yours. What color should the stadium be lit?

Answer: Victory Red