BAMM The Explosion of Atlanta United's Four-Man Attack

As we looked back on 2021, we kept coming across one acronym: BAMM. From tweets, to messages, to articles, everyone was talking about BAMM. So, what is BAMM and why is it so important?

We sat down with BAMM to discuss their chemistry and friendship on and off the pitch and to see if they had even heard of this nickname. Three out of the four players said they had not heard of it.

“No, what is that?” Josef Martínez said. Luiz Araújo, confused the name for a drink brand and Marcelino Moreno said he did not know what it was.

BAMM stands for Barco, Araújo, Moreno and Martinez. A nickname originally coined by Atlanta United broadcast voice Kevin Egan for the team's line of attack.Supporters love the chemistry and dynamic of those four players on the pitch that naturally a nickname came about.

This season was filled with BAMM highlights. Midfielder Ezequiel Barco scored a career high of seven goals and six assists after a stellar return from the Olympic games where he represented his home country of Argentina. Barco attributed that success to a change of mentality, he credits his friends, family and himself for.

“Personally, I ended the year very happy because I had a complete change of mind.” The Argentine midfielder said. “I hadn’t been having a good year in Atlanta, good months, season, but these six months I changed mentality and I changed, which wasn’t easy.”

Luiz Araújo joined the club more than halfway through the season and scored four goals in just 16 games. Araújo, who came to Atlanta after winning the Trophée de Champions with Lille, had a lot of adjustments to get used to when joining the team. But from his very first touch at Mercedes-Benz Stadium, he proved he was a player to watch.

“I think the first season is never easy,” the Brazilian forward said. “It’s a lot of adjustments, getting to know a new club, new teammates, new league but I’m really happy and satisfied with my performance. I feel like I have a lot more to show here, I'm very motivated and for next season I promise I will bring better things.”

Midfielder Marcelino Moreno also reached a career high of nine goals and four assists, after playing over 33 matches this season. When reflecting on the season, Moreno, while disappointed in the team’s exit from the MLS Playoffs, was happy with his overall performance.

“I never scored as many goals as I did this season,” Moreno commented. “I think that’s a beautiful moment.”

For his part, Josef Martínez scored his 100th club goal in 125 games, the fastest record in the MLS. On top of that, Martínez scored 12 goals this year after returning from injury that kept him off the pitch for all but 68 minutes of the 2020 season.

“I’m happy because until recently I didn’t know if I would return to play,” Martínez said. “So, whatever happens with that, especially playing. I don’t care if it is a goal or this or that, with one leg I got to 12 goals and played half of the matches, I’m thankful for having the opportunity to play.”

After speaking with BAMM, it seemed only Barco was somewhat aware of the nickname. He’d seen the name pop up here or there but wasn’t fully aware of what it was or what it stood for.

“I saw it [BAMM] on social media but didn’t pay much attention to it,” Barco said. “But now that you mention it, it’s good.”

What makes BAMM special is their chemistry. While some members of BAMM have had more time playing together, the connection and enthusiasm to help the team win is there.

“I think we're getting way better every day.” Araújo said. “I just got here, and they have been together longer so I will try to be better in some things so that this group can show its potential. I hope that next season we can show our quality and give lots of happiness to our Atlanta fans.”

That desire to work together and improve that connection is the same for Moreno. He believes with more time the group’s chemistry will grow.

“It’s been positive, we haven’t had much time to adjust,” Moreno said. “I think with more time, dedication and work we will have more chemistry.”

As for what they think about the new nickname, all four players really like it. They said that the name has a good ring to it.

“I didn’t know it,” Martínez said. “But it looks good, it’s like an explosion, I think. It sounds good.”