Always Rising Everyday Heroes

Atlanta United unveiled the Resurgens Kit as its new Community Kit, which will be worn for the 2024 and 2025 MLS seasons. Named after Atlanta’s motto, the Resurgens Kit is inspired by the history of the city and features design elements from the city’s seal and flag. The Resurgens Kit has a light blue base with a Phoenix design that frames the center, also displayed on the city’s seal, features dark blue accents with a yellow trim, the same colors which appear on the city’s official flag. Blue is a nod to the rebirth and renewal of Atlanta, while yellow represents the city’s vibrant history and identity.

With the Resurgens Kit, Atlanta United is recognizing the Everyday Heroes that make Atlanta rebuild and reinvent itself.

Pinky_Cole_Derrick_Hayes copy

Pinky Cole & Derrick Hayes

“It was all a dream…” it’s how Pinky Cole defines Slutty Vegan, the restaurant and lifestyle she started back in 2018, and today has eleven locations in four different cities in the United States. “Finding inspiration in every turn” it’s how Derrick Hayes, Sr. presents Big Dave’s Cheesestakes, the restaurant that opened first at a gas station and has since taken its culinary experience to several locations in Atlanta. 

Now married, Pinky Cole and Derrick Hayes, have been inspiring others with their dream, of bringing food awareness to the world while instilling a culture of self-care, entrepreneurship and black excellence. The couple met at different times in their lives and have since impacted thousands of people by providing sustainable employment, becoming inspiring philanthropists, media personalities and culture drivers.


Andre Dickens, 61st Mayor of Atlanta

Andre Dickens is the 61st and current Mayor of Atlanta. Dickens is a product of Southwest Atlanta and the Atlanta Public School System—attending high school with members of Goodie Mob as well as André 3000 from OutKast. He later enrolled in the Georgia Institute of Technology where he received his degree in Chemical Engineering in 1998 and later graduated with a master’s in public administration from Georgia State University. He owned a furnishing company before being elected as an at-large City Council member in 2013. 

Mayor Dickens’ vision for his city is focused on Moving Atlanta Forward, through improving public safety, increasing opportunities young people, empowering neighborhoods, investing in housing and combatting homelessness—all while fostering a culture of integrity. He has established multiple initiatives for the city—one being Midnight Basketball. The basketball seasons engage young people at recreation centers in communities with higher percentages of gang activity. Through healthy competition, participants not only learn de-escalation skills, but also have access to services to obtain a GED, find a career path and even get a free haircut. Statistics showed overall crime was reduced in the areas during Midnight Basketball games. Mayor Dickens is an Atlanta United supporter, and attends matches every time he can.


Coy Dumas, Jr.

With more than 50 years of service as bus operator of the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA), Coy Dumas, Jr., has built an impressive close relationship with the communities of West Atlanta. He knows everyone who’s gotten into his bus by name, and those who know him recognize him as a mainstay in the community. 

The Adamsville-native has become a leader to his community and mentor to fellow drivers, showing excellence and loyalty while driving for more than two million miles and transporting more than three million people during his career. He even met his wife Teresa while on the job, the person who continued to support him every single day until the day of his retirement, in December of 2023.


Shirley Franklin, 58th Mayor of Atlanta

Shirley Franklin was elected the 58th Mayor of Atlanta, the first woman elected to the position and the first Black woman to be elected mayor of a major Southern city. Franklin began her political career in Atlanta as the Commissioner of Cultural Affairs under Mayor Maynard Jackson before being named Chief Administrative Officer and City Manager under Mayor Andrew Young. While in office, Franklin focused on improving the city’s sewer system and led the charge in making Atlanta one of the nation’s leaders in “green” initiatives. In 2005, Time magazine named Franklin one of the five best big-city American mayors and she was included in the U.S. News & World Report”Best Leaders of 2005". Additionally, Mayor Franklin was the recipient of the Profile in Courage Award in 2005, issued by the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation. 

Shirley Franklin provided her voice for the campaign launch video of the Resurgens Kit.


Cam Kirk

Atlanta’s creative scene wouldn’t be what it is today without Cam Kirk, a Morehouse College graduate, who has transformed photography in Atlanta over the last decade and a half, working with iconic trap artists such as Gucci Mane, Migos, 21 Savage, Future, and Young Thug, among others.

In 2017, he launched Cam Kirk Studios, a place for creatives to hone in on their skills, market their work and leverage the impressive network of the Atlanta creative community. He also launched the Collective Gallery, a label-like network of over a thousand creatives across the globe, where he continues to invest in the future generation of photographers.


Sanjay Patel

As the Director of Strategic Partnerships, Sanjay Patel, has embraced the true meaning behind Soccer in the Streets’s mission, which is to provide access, opportunity and equity to undeserved communities through soccer. Patel was the visionary behind StationSoccer, which converts unused MARTA station parking lots into soccer pitches, allowing for easier access for kids and adults to participate safely in the sport. 
The StationSoccer has gone on to receive numerous awards including the Global Innovation of the Year from Beyond Sport. The project continues to grow and unite the region through public and private partnerships serving Metro Atlanta.