Atlanta United Group Ticket Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How many people qualify as a group?

Just 10 tickets qualify for a group discount (no fees).

Q. Can I add on tickets after I purchase?

You should have a firm number when you are ready to purchase, as the minimum transaction is 10 tickets at a time, and we cannot guarantee that your groups will be together if they are not purchased at the same time.

Q. Can I sell any of my extra tickets?

No. There is a strict no-reselling policy with Atlanta United Group Tickets. It is important you make sure to get a firm number of tickets before you order, as if any tickets are caught being resold, your privileges will be revoked and all of your tickets taken back.

Q. How can I purchase?

All group tickets are purchased over the phone with a Group Sales representative by calling (470) 341-1500 (ext. 2). Your representative will go over available inventory and dates, and then can help you purchase your tickets to the match.

Q. What forms of payment do you take?

We take all major credit cards (VISA, AMEX, Mastercard, and Discover). We also can accept checks as long as they are received 45 days before the match.

Q. Can I print my tickets?

No, all of our tickets are mobile.

Q. How do I access my tickets?

Your representative will send you your confirmation email 2-3 business days after your purchase with a receipt and information on how to access. However once your tickets are paid in full, you can also log in at with your email and click “Forgot Password” to access them.

Q. How do I manage my online tickets?

You can manage your tickets on the Atlanta United Mobile App or through your Atlanta United Account Manager. You will login to your account with your e-mail and password.

Q. How do my kids participate in one of the fan experiences?

Our pre match and post match fan experiences are a great way to be a part of our match day experiences. The ticket minimum for these experiences start at just 150 tickets. Visit our Fan Experience page for more info.

Q. How can I get a donation for my auction?

We are unable to provide tickets or autographed memorabilia through the Ticket Sales department. Click here for information on how to apply for these donations. We do, however, have fundraising programs to help your organization raise money through ticket sales. Visit our Fundraising page for more info.

Q. How do I get a message on the halo board?

Messages on the halo board are a great way to celebrate a birthday, team, or business. To be eligible for a halo board message, a group ticket purchase of 20 or more tickets is required.

Q. What is the fee for group tickets?

One of the many perks of purchasing group tickets is that there are no additional fees.

Q. What is the refund policy?

All sales are final.

Q. What options for my group are available that include Food and Beverage options?

Several options are available to provide Food and Beverage for your group outing. Visit our Hospitality Packages for more info.