• Color temperature: 3000 - 3500  
  • Audio: peaks at –6 dBs / lowest at –12 dBs


  • A partner logo shouldn’t start before the first three seconds of a video. Duration of the logo should be up to 5 seconds for videos longer than 20 seconds
  • No watermarks 
  • Intro slates will only be used for videos longer than 60 seconds, and/or if they’re part of a specific content series


  • Always follow the subject, never lock the camera, and leave appropriate head and lead room
  • The first image below has enough and head room from the top border of the video to the subject’s head. The second images shows how NOT to frame a camera for Media Availability as there is too much head room above the subject’s head


  • If the subject is speaking to the audience, it should be looking straight to the camera. Camera should be angled over the shoulder 
  • If the subject is speaking on an interview setting, it should be looking at the interviewer or to an angle, never to the camera

LOWER 3rds

Include number and position of players

  • Stick to generic positions (Goalkeeper, Defender, Midfielder, Forward) 

For people other than players, add the club logo and only include title of the person

  • For example: “PRESIDENT”, instead of “ATL UTD PRESIDENT”, “HEAD COACH" (not “ATL UTD HEAD COACH”) 

No colons, but dashes are acceptable when relevant


  • Every video should have an end slate, expect when it’s for an Instagram carousel, Reels or TikTok 
  • Follow internal partner guidelines from the Brand Playbook


  • Subtitle every foreign language to English with proper grammar
  • Subtitle every off-screen voice 
  • Never include the “ums”, “like”, “eh” on subtitles, unless they add to the storytelling. Write the words properly “Yeah” or “yes”, never “Yea” 
  • Make it clear what language is being spoken when two or more languages are on screen, even if it’s within the same context. For example:
    • “We must give it all for the supporters tonight [Spanish] Tenemos que darlo todo por nuestros aficionados esta noche” 
  • For videos aimed at social media promotion (trailers, teasers) they must include captioning, as shown below: