All eyes are on Georgia.
Since the club’s inception, Atlanta United has focused on bringing Atlanta together to impact our city on and off the pitch. 17’s throughout the region have embraced the club since the beginning, passionately supporting its players and uniting around the beautiful game. Now, more than ever, Atlanta United players seek to further that impact, using the club’s platforms as well as their own to encourage Georgians far and wide to make their voice heard in the Georgia Senate Runoff Election.
“This is the perfect time to allow your voice to be heard if you did not vote in November,” said Miles Robinson. “And if you have just turned 18, this is a historic election to vote in for the first time.”
Robinson has been a vocal supporter of the club’s United We Vote initiative, which encourages and educates fans to make their way to the polls this election year. He continues to support the club’s initiative as Georgia gears up for the senate runoff election in January.
“As Georgians, we have the power to decide who belongs in the final two seats in the U.S. Senate,” said Robinson. “When all eyes are on us, we must show up and show out at the polls.”
Robinson’s teammate, George Bello, has been just as vocal and feels fortunate to be a part of a city that not only rallies behind his club, but speaks up on matters that transcend sports. With Mercedes-Benz Stadium opening its doors as an early voting site, Robinson and Bello feel honored to represent a club that supports a cause close to the players’ hearts as well. 
“It means a lot for the stadium to be a voting center,” said Bello. “I feel very proud to be part of a team that unites people both on and off the field.”

Bello turned 18 this past January and voted in his first election this past November. He grew up looking forward to the day he could make his mark and vote. Just as he used his voice in November and encouraged others to join him, he knows the fight is not yet over.

“This is just another opportunity to make your voice heard,” Bello said. “An opportunity to have an impact on society and make a positive change. Young people showed up in the presidential election, and I encourage all the young people to show out once again.”

All eyes are on you, Georgia. Do your part once again, and show up to the polls for the Georgia State Runoff Election on or before January 5th. For resources and information on early voting, click here.