It was quite the weekend for 16-year-old Atlanta United Academy graduate George Bello. Getting his second-ever MLS start was only topped by scoring his first career goal in MLS in a performance that earned him the Golden Spike. But he's capped it off with another first: he has been named to the MLS Team of the Week for the first time in his career.

Bello didn't just contribute with his goal. He was a constant threat on the left wing, getting into the penalty box four teams and adding a key pass in the attack. And he was lock-down on the other side of the ball, with four tackles, two interceptions and two ball recoveries –– all ranking near the top of the team statistics for the match.

He wasn't the only one to get a nod from the league; Tito Villalba was also named on the bench for his all-around performance on the right flank.

Here's the full Team of the Week:

George Bello named in MLS Team of the Week - https://atlanta-mp7static.mlsdigital.net/images/Unknown.jpeg

NOTE: The MLS Team of the Week is a weekly award voted on by a group of league writers.