On Friday, May 13, Atlanta United and its Official Supporter Groups will come together at Elliot Street Deli and Pub for our third annual Iron Pour. 

Back in 1836, Georgia built a railroad to the Midwest, and a stake was driven into red clay to mark the end of the railroad – marking the foundation of a new city. Atlanta’s rich history all dates back to that railroad development, and Atlanta United plays homage to this with the Golden Spike symbol.  

Before every home match, Atlanta players and supporters sign the Golden Spike, which is later hammered into a platform with a rowdy Mercedes-Benz Stadium crowd chanting A-T-L. After the final whistle, a smaller spike is rewarded to a player for their performance, an honor voted on by the fans. 

Even before Atlanta United was founded, there was a tradition that was beating in the streets. On the second Friday of every month, Elliot Street Deli and Pub hosted an Iron Pour pre covid. Alive with live music, specialty drinks, and unique art, this event is a spectacle every month. Through a red-hot process, metal is melted down from its original form and molded into something new.


Using a furnace and fire safety tools, members from the Atlanta Metal Arts team melt down pieces of metal and scratch blocks so they can be poured into various shapes and sizes. Artists can use scratch blocks to make exquisite art pieces that then go into a pour, signifying togetherness and building something new. 

Since 2019, the club has participated in this Atlanta staple. Each official supporter group is given a scratch block to sketch out for that year’s Iron Pour theme. After each group has made their scratch block, those all go into the furnace and come out as a 12-inch Golden Spike – a symbol of unity between the club and its supporters.


Club president Darren Eales will pass this spike off to supporters before the May 15 match against New England Revolution, where it will then be marched into the stadium and given to the Man of the Match.

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