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You've seen them in real life at a game, or blazing through your speakers as you've watched a broadcast. They are the pinnacle of fandom, and have inspired fan culture and behavior across every sport in the world. They're on their feet for at least 90 minutes, cheering, drumming, flag-waving, singing, defining the game’s atmosphere and doing everything in their power to support their club from start to finish.

They are Supporters.

The 2017 inaugural season for Atlanta United has arrived and Atlanta’s own are here, ready to represent the south in the form of many diverse groups. We sat down with each to discover their origins, missions, and identities as soccer enthusiasts.

Read below to see what Atlanta’s supporters groups are all about.

Terminus Legion

Supporters Spotlight: Get to Know the Atlanta Faithful -

Terminus Legion’s roots stem from the “ATL Wants MLS” movement in 2011. The group launched in February of 2014, just a few months before MLS officially announced that Atlanta would receive a franchise.

“We are an organized supporters group that exists to champion and support Atlanta soccer and the communities in which it is played. With more than five million residents in the metro area, our city is brimming with passionate soccer fans. Together, we can make a difference on and off the field.”

“We wanted a name that played to Atlanta’s roots and something we could all rally around with pride... Terminus was the original name for the location that would eventually become our great city.  It was given this name because it was the ‘end-of-the-line’ of the new railroad built to connect the state of Georgia to the Midwest.”

Soccer is the foundation of Terminus Legion, and the members want to share it with anyone willing.

“We invite every type of fan, at every experience level, in any language, from any background to join us. We will prioritize fun over drama, and cheering for over cheering against.”

The group takes the “United and Conquer” mantra to heart. Their goal is to connect the city of Atlanta through the game by creating an inclusive fan culture where people can celebrate their team and soccer in the south.

Terminus Legion identifies itself as an Atlanta United supporters group, but more importantly, they’re enthusiasts of the game and their city.

“We support Atlanta soccer in every way possible, both in support of the teams and in support of our community. Good acts for those in need are important to us as we strive to make Atlanta a better place.”

Footie Mob

Supporters Spotlight: Get to Know the Atlanta Faithful -

The members of Footie Mob initially convened in late 2014 with a goal to bring Atlanta culture to the MLS. The first step in creating their supporters group was choosing a name that truly embodied their mission. Since Atlanta renowned for its presence and influence in the music industry, the members chose to reference the Atlanta hip-hop group “Goodie Mob”, hence the origination of Footie Mob.

“Our group represents the fun part of Atlanta that people may not know about. Atlanta has an amazing history and culture that often gets overlooked or just absorbed into the ‘South’ or overall Americana.”

Footie Mob originally only consisted of members inside the perimeter, but fast forward three years and its reach stretches to those outside the city and even the state. They pride themselves on the purpose of sharing the game with as many people possible while embracing Atlanta’s unique diversity.

“We all have love of ATL culture. The music, food, and ethos of the city run deep. We can take the game seriously without being too serious about it.”

Footie Mob will bring southern hospitality to the MLS with hopes of spreading their love of the game to everyone in the ATL regardless of results on the field.

“We'll march in and rabidly support our team. We'll celebrate after wins. We'll celebrate being together after losses.”


Supporters Spotlight: Get to Know the Atlanta Faithful -

Organically forming over a few beers at local pub Brewhouse Cafe, the founders of Resurgence quickly found their niche as an Atlanta United supporters group.

“The motto of Atlanta is Resurgens, which is Latin for “rising again.” The name represents Atlanta’s history, rebirth, and rise. We are a grassroots organization with a love of the game of soccer and our city. We’re incredibly diverse and represent all Atlantans of every background and walk of life. We’re united in our diversity.”

They are self-described as wild and eclectic. Composed of both old friends and new acquaintances, the members’ relationships are centered around Atlanta United and the love for the beautiful game.

“We represent not only passionate fans of the game and club, but also the great diversity and pride of the city of Atlanta. We aim to be the rowdiest, and most passionate supporters for both club and city.”

When you think of a supporters group, you think of the fans with the most passion and pride in their club. Resurgence is here to exemplify that character and bring that unrelenting enthusiasm to all Atlanta United games.

“Most of our members will be sitting in the Supporter’s Section, which is another way that we stand out. Our group will take pride in the march and the tifo (design and display) and really want to create a loud and fun game day atmosphere. Ideally, there will be flags, drums, and smoke too.”

The Faction

Supporters Spotlight: Get to Know the Atlanta Faithful -

The Faction was formed during the 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup. Their purpose is to fill a gap they feel was left open by the other Atlanta United supporters groups.

“We represent unwavering support for Atlanta United FC and a channeling of that spirit and passion into beneficial service to the community.”

The group feels compelled to rebel from what they believe is the “European way” in which the majority of supporters groups function.

“[We plan to] make efforts to create a flavor of chants, participation, and identity unique to Atlanta and ATL UTD and arguably more connected to the fond memories of our sporting participation and fandom as kids.”

The Faction has taken their mission a step further by registering as a 501(c)(3), which means they are classified as a nonprofit organization. They vow to use sport to develop youth character and the language of soccer to promote tolerance, inclusivity, and the value of collaboration in achieving success.

“Essentially, we represent a generation of players, coaches, and supporters that grew up loving soccer. It runs through our veins. It is embedded in our lives through family, community, travel, work and play. Connecting that love of everything soccer with our philanthropic objectives and our mentoring mission could be said to be the Faction in a nutshell.”

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