It's one of the most beautiful plays in all of soccer: the volley. Off the bounce or first time out of the air, it takes supreme skill, timing, power and finesse, the ultimate soccer goal. Julian Gressel's goal against RSL is just the latest spectacular strike in Atlanta United's history, one that was as crucial to the team's success as it was beautiful.

In honor of yet another memorable moment, here are the top 5 volleys in Atlanta United history so far:

5. Tito Villalba vs Columbus (7/1/2017)

It's been lovingly dubbed "The Cramp Goal" for Atlanta United fans, a strike so powerful that it made Tito Villalba's calf muscle lock up before he could even celebrate. But it was a beautiful one: Miguel Almirón's signature pace to beat his man to the byline, the lofted ball back across, and a powerful blast skidded off the ground and in.

4. Tito Villalba vs Minnesota United (10/3/2017)

Another Tito Villalba special, a powerful hit off the ground from outside of the box. This one starts with Julian Gressel, dancing through defenders down the right side before lobbing in a pass to the middle. The Minnesota defender can only head it to the top of the box, where Villlalba lets it take a bounce and skids a scorching low shot past the goalkeeper.

3. Carlos Carmona vs NYCFC (5/7/2017)

An unbelievable strike that may be hurt by the result of the match more than anything else, but this was an unstoppable hit from Carlos Carmona. A throw in from the right side can only be cleared to the top of the box, where the Chilean midfielder was waiting. His first-time effort lazered off the post and inside the top corner for his best goal in Five Stripes.

2. Julian Gressel vs. Real Salt Lake (9/22/2018)

One that's fresh in the memory, but what a strike it was. Once again it's Miguel Almirón bursting into space down the left wing and floating in a cross to the right side to Julian Gressel waiting at the corner of the box. The German takes it down beautifully off his chest and smacks one around the outstretched hand of Nick Rimando in the RSL goal.

1. Miguel Almirón vs. Minnesota United (3/12/2017)

A goal that won't soon be forgotten by the Atlanta United faithful. It starts with another deflection, this time from a Tito Villalba pass that bounces to Almirón at the edge of the box. He lines up his shot and blasts it left-footed past the Minnesota goalkeeper, piling on the goals in an unforgettable rout that will forever go down as the first win in franchise history.

Those are the staff picks. Which was your favorite?