The message is clear: Use. Your. Voice.
Since being founded six years ago, Atlanta United has focused on bringing the city together, making an immediate impact in Atlanta. 17s throughout the region have embraced the club since the beginning, passionately supporting its players and uniting around soccer in the city. Now, the players seek to give back, providing encouragement for everyone to make their voice heard through the 2020 election.

“There’s so much history here,” said Miles Robinson. “The Civil Rights Movement and beyond happened in Atlanta. This city is so diverse, and there’s so much rich culture. It means a lot to me because I’ve lived in Atlanta the last three, four years, so I’ve grown to love the city and all the different people that live here in Atlanta. To use my voice and my platform to get people to vote is definitely something I want to do.”

Robinson has been a vocal supporter of the club’s United We Vote initiative, which encourages and educates fans to make their way to the polls this election year.
“The club’s always been very supportive,” said Robinson. “It’s been good to know that they have my back. The extra support gives me the courage to speak my mind in times like this.”
Robinson’s teammate, George Bello, has been just as vocal and feels lucky to be a part of a city that not only rallies around his team, but speaks up on matters that go deeper than sports.
“This team has been able to capture the city’s attention and bring people together through sports, so it also has the power to bring it together in other ways,” said Bello. “This is just another chance for us to unite.”

Bello, who turned 18 this January and will be voting in his first election this November, grew up looking forward to the day he could make his mark and vote. What seemed like a novelty growing up, much like getting your driver's license, has now become an important aspect of Bello's platform, along with his responsibility and right as a citizen.

“Your voice does count. Every single vote counts,” Bello said. “It gives you a voice in our society. It’s the best opportunity for us to impact our society and leadership as a whole and be together as one.”

Do your part. Go vote. Election Day is November 3. For resources and information, click here.