Roan's surprise training ground visit

You may remember Roan, a young Atlanta United fan who gained a small slice of internet fame a few weeks ago when his favorite player, Carlos Carmona, made his eyes light up by giving him his game-worn jersey after a match earlier this season.

That moment, and the emotion it captured on Roan's face touched the hearts of thousands of fans on social media. Fans reached out from all corners of the world, with the emotion breaking through language barriers for soccer fanatics and casuals alike. It was even featured on ESPN's SportsCenter later that day.

But the club realized later that Roan had originally asked for an autograph, and while a jersey is a great gift, it would be incredible to also get him the signature he wanted. So Atlanta United set up a surprise visit for Roan to the training facility, where he had the opportunity to meet the players, watch a scrimmage in person, get a tour of the Children's Healthcare of Atlanta Training Ground... and yes, get that Carmona autograph he so desired.

The emotion on Roan's face during his surprise visit said it all. See for yourself the power of the beautiful game: