“Flags Out” winner gets exclusive trip to Atlanta United training ground

Atlanta United have been hunting the streets of the Atlanta area in search of winners for their “Flags Out” campaign. This week the club selected the Negron family as winners, and as a grand prize, awarded them an exclusive trip to the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta training ground to see the team train.

Danny lives in Roswell, near Alpharetta, and works at the Verizon Amphitheater. A longtime resident of the area, he’s a passionate soccer fan who’s been desperate for a local club to call his own. And of course, ever since the club started, he’s kept his five-striped Atlanta United flag waving on the front porch every day.

“When Atlanta was starting a team, I just couldn’t wait,” Danny said. “I’m one of the club’s biggest supporters, I’ve been waiting so long to have an MLS team here in Atlanta.”

Now that the team is here, Danny says the team and its fans blew away all expectations he had coming in.

“I was always hoping for a team and we finally got one and our support system is amazing. Sold out strong every single game. I’ve been to a few games but definitely haven’t missed a single game on TV. I have nothing but passion for this team, Atlanta all day.”

Danny said he was surprised to see the team traveling outside the perimeter, and gave a hint to all the other fans to keep leaving those flags out, because someday the club may just come knocking.

“I actually just posted something online saying you guys should come through Alpahretta someday. This is insane, I can’t even believe this right now!”

Aside from this exclusive training ground trip, other winners have won an all-expenses-paid trip to an away match and FREE Papa John’s pizza for a year. You could be next! Represent your club with pride, get your flag out, showcase it for all to see and Atlanta United may just show up at your door.