Post-Match Quotes | ATL vs MTL

  • Match: Atlanta United vs Montreal Impact
  • Location: Saputo Stadium, Montreal, Quebec
  • Date: July 28th, 2018
  • Final Score: ATL 2-1 MTL (Recap | Highlights)


Head Coach Tata Martino

On containing Piatti tonight

I think we did it well. We were always trying to double up on him but he’s a player of such quality that he had two chances and he put one of them in.

On Martinez’ goal scoring

There’s nothing else to do when a player performs like that. We just hope it lasts the entire season. When a goal scorer is performing at such a high level, you just have to let him be.

On Escobar’s performance

We like attacking full-backs and we were confident that Franco could give us that. He’s still getting used to the team but every game he gains more confidence.

Why the team is better this year than last

We’re a team with a lot of depth this year. The younger players have grown and are contributing more to the team. And the players that performed well last year are continuing that this season. And the new arrivals are responding well as well.

On what explains the road success

If we’re playing at home, we play one way. And if we’re playing away, we play exactly the same way. And that’s what letting us win games – maintaining our form at home as well as on the road.

Goalkeeper Brad Guzan

On team performance tonight

For the first 65 minutes, we were good. We kept the ball, created a chance or two. After we scored the second goal, it’s almost as if we stopped playing a bit and invited pressure. And when you give someone like Piatti a chance, he’s going to punish you. The one time I’m able to stay big and put it out for a corner when he gets behind us, he scores one on his next chance.

On the hour-long wait from the weather delay

Those situations aren’t fun for anyone. There’s not much to do, especially in the away locker room. You’re trying to stay loose, stretch, move as much as you can. But you’re pretty limited.

On the success of the team on the road

The one thing I would say is we’re a bunch of competitors and guys that, when we step across that white line, want to win regardless if it’s home or away. You go into a place knowing that we’re going to get the other team’s best performance. We know when teams play us now they’re geared up for it and we have to be at our best to deal with that. At times tonight we were and at other times I thought we weren’t but fortunately we got out of here with three points.

Midfielder Jeff Larentowicz

On seven road wins this season

Two things: we score goals and we defend as a team. I thought it was a team effort all night long. Difficult with the [weather] delay but I don’t think we lost focus. They got the goal late but I really think it was a good team effort tonight and that’s what you need on the road. Solidarity, commitment and concentration.

On the last time he played with a striker with so much goal-scoring ability like Martinez

2013, Mike Magee. It seemed every time I stepped on the field, the guy scored. I think Josef has more goals than Mike had that whole season already so that just goes to show it’s remarkable, it’s special, it’s fun to be a part of. And I just hope it continues.

On containing Piatti

Before the game tonight, we said it’s not enough to have one guy on him. There needs to be more. And I thought we did a good job with that. He was on Remedi’s side a lot. But the defenders did a good job of doubling up at times.

On playing with Remedi

Still working some things out but I think that he’s going to fit in nicely. He’s a very good player, a player that when you play in games like this, you want him on your side. And I think he did well today.



Head Coach Rémi Garde

On his team’s performance

We played the game we could today. I am disappointed by the result, like all players in the dressing room. I think we could have done better, but I knew since long ago that this would be a difficult game. Once again, we could have gotten a better result, which would have been a feat. Atlanta has impressive assets and is a team that masters its subject, but tonight, we pushed them.

On losing for the first time at home since May

Tonight, we learned once again. The two losses we got at home came against teams that are established in the league or that have disproportionate means compared to ours. The logic from the game sheet was somewhat respected, but what the team did tonight, honestly, in terms of generosity, when we think that we had a tough game on Wednesday, on a turf field, we came back during the night and we had two recovery days to play one of the best teams in MLS… I regret we did not have one more day or even a week, because the game would have been different.

Midfielder Saphir Taïder

On the loss

I think we could have done better with the result. We did some mistakes, but overall, we played well, we came to play and we had the ball. In the end, we’re judged on the results. Zero points hurts because over the game, we were not that bad.

On Josef Martinez

It’s true that he scores a lot, but he was not especially dangerous tonight. He scored, it’s his job. That’s enough for him. He made a lot of runs, but we controlled him well tonight. He feels when things will happen in the box, it was enough for him to score twice tonight.