In order to make sure you have everything you need to know about our Regional Development Schools, we've put answers to our most frequently-asked questions here:

 What is the RDS?
The Regional Development School is a supplemental training program for advanced level soccer players. Participants try out to earn a place in the program each season. Upon acceptance into the program, players train on a weekly basis with Atlanta United’s professional coaching staff.
 What are the benefits of the RDS program?
The RDS is focused on individual player development and is designed to compliment a players existing training schedule with their teams. Players take ownership of their development by working on technical elements of their game in addition to understanding how that fits in to their overall game.
 Who is eligible to sign up for the RDS?
Anyone is able to sign up for the tryout process. Players are then selected for the program each season based on ability. Training is meant to be supplemental to a players team training, which should come first in the event of a conflict.
 Where does the RDS train?
The RDS is located in various locations around the greater Atlanta region. While some locations may share fields with local soccer clubs, they are not club specific and are open to registration regardless of club affiliation.
 Can I sign up for multiple tryouts?
Yes, but only if you plan to participate at multiple locations. Upon acceptance, billing is processed automatically.
 Can I tryout at one location for consideration at another?
Unfortunately, you cannot try out in one location for consideration for a different location. This is due to the large volume of players we see at tryouts.
 When does registration open?
Registration typically opens up a month before the program starts.




 I haven’t received any follow up information after signing up – when will I hear more?
Confirmation e-mails will be sent the day before the program start date to ensure we reach out to all those that have signed up. This e-mail will contain all necessary information for the tryout process.
 Do I have to tryout?
Tryouts are in place to ensure a high level training environment. Players must try out each season, regardless of whether they’ve made the program before or not.
 I’m going to miss a session, can I make it up at another location?
Unfortunately we do not offer session make ups. If you anticipate a lot of conflicts within the current season, we ask that you consider signing up next time around instead.
 What happens if a session is cancelled, how will I know?
If a session is cancelled we will reach out via e-mail as far in advance as possible.
 My child is currently in the RDS program – what are the next steps to the program?
Girls and boys within the program are constantly under consideration for RDS Honors each season. Players who earn RDS Honors will then be invited to our RDS Showcase event in the Winter season.
 How does my child earn consideration for a Juniors Program / Academy recommendation?
Players who are successful in making the RDS program are constantly evaluated by their coaches. At the end of each season coaches have the ability to recommend players for our Juniors or Academy programs.

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