The Regional Development School is already making a mark on the Atlanta United Academy. Here are the graduates from the program that have been accepted into the Academy ranks so far:

2021 RDS Graduates

  • Israel Brown (Prior Club: Triumph Soccer)
  • Joshua Boney (Prior Club: Gwinnett Soccer Academy)
  • Anthony Menchaca (Prior Club: Concorde Fire)
  • Colin O'Neil (Prior Club: Concorde Fire)
  • David D'angelo Sibrian (Prior Club: United Futbol Academy)
  • Gonzalo Riveras (Prior Club: Concorde Fire)
  • Jacob Rath (Prior Club: Steamers FC)
  • James Donaldson (Prior Club: NASA Tophat)
  • Matthew Daulby (Prior Club: Concorde Fire)
  • Michael Eck (Prior Club: Gwinnett Soccer Academy)
  • William Jansen (Prior Club: NASA Tophat)
  • Michael Aldana (Prior Club: YMCA Arsenal Rome)
  • Bryan Delgado (Prior Club: Chattanooga Red Wolves)
  • Fabian Chavez (Prior Club: North Georgia Soccer Academy)
  • Adyn Torres (Prior Club: Gwinnett Soccer Academy)

2020 RDS Graduates

  • Ean Roberson (Prior Club: Southern Soccer Academy)
  • Julian Clayton-Burdine (Prior Club: Concorde Fire)
  • Shawn Lanza (Prior Club: Concorde Fire)
  • Eyasu Smieja (Prior Club: Concorde Fire)

2019 RDS Graduates

  • Liam Barhod (Prior Club: NASA)
  • Roger Schnurr (Prior Club: NASA)