The purpose of the Atlanta United Style Guide is to serve those who communicate externally on behalf of the club (executives, coaching staff, players, those writing for communications, web, creating copy for social media, adding subtitling to videos, and communicating for marketing initiatives). While this Guide specifically focuses on topics of importance to the club, the AP Stylebook is our preferred guidance for English grammar, punctuation and word usage, separate from those outlined in this Style Guide.


Atlanta United FC
Style Guide - Brand Playbook

Atlanta, GA

  • Skate Noftsinger - VP and Chief Business Officer
  • Georgia O’Donoghue – VP, Business Operations
  • Molly Paterno - Sr. Director, Brand Marketing
  • Kacey Covino – Director, Brand Marketing & Strategy
  • Diego A. Pinzón – Director, Digital Media & Content Strategy
  • Chris Winkler – Director, Communications
  • Chris Raimondi – Manager, Brand & Business Communications
  • Daniela Burleyson – Manager, Social Media
  • Sandy McAfee – Web Producer & Editorial