Executive Staff

Technical Staff

  • Interim Head Coach
  • Assistant Coach
  • Interim Assistant Coach
  • Director of Sports Performance
  • Chase Falivene
    Director, Player Administration
  • Jack Kimber
    Fitness Coach
  • Liam Curran
    Goalkeeper Coach
  • Head Athletic Trainer
  • Jordan Serrano-Dennis
    Assistant Athletic Trainer
  • Sean Cropper
    Assistant Athletic Trainer
  • Josh Stewart
    Athletic Training Assistant
  • Head of Technical Recruitment & Analysis
  • Jonathan Spector
    Head of International Player Recruitment & Development
  • Sean Howe
    Video Analyst
  • Joe Goble
    Domestic Scout
  • Jamie Henderson
  • Tyler Ruthven
  • Alexander Shaw
    Video Scout
  • Manny Tejeda
    Team Administrator
  • Felipe Villahoz
    Soccer Operations Coordinator
  • Manny Garcia-Oronoz
    Player Liaison Coordinator
  • Paul Dillon
    Equipment Manager
  • Andrew Roberts
    Assistant Equipment Manager
  • Chris Ottley
    Assistant Equipment Manager

USL Technical Staff

  • Tony Annan
    Interim Head Coach
  • Matt Lawrey
    Interim Asst. Coach
  • Lewis Sharpe
    Goalkeeper Coach
  • Ricardo Oliveira
    Fitness Coach
  • Caleb Ward
    Athletic Trainer
  • Juan Castano
    Athletic Training Assistant

Academy Technical Staff

    • Academy Director
    • Academy Manager
    • Head of Academy Operations
    • Head Coach
    • Head Coach
    • Head Coach
    • Head Coach
    • Head Coach
    • Kellington Boddie
      Head Coach
    • Nathan Smith
      Academy Technical Development Coach
    • Sam Dietrich
      Assistant Coach
    • Kevin Kratz
      Assistant Coach
    • Lewis Sharpe
      Goalkeeper Coach
    • Diego Casillas
      Assistant Goalkeeper Coach
    • Adin Osmanbasic
      Academy Video Analyst
    • Mark Farmer
      Academy Head Scout
    • Nobert Banoocy
      Academy Fitness Coach
    • Josh Stewart
      Assistant Academy Fitness Coach
    • Jeff Paul
      Athletic Trainer
    • Greg Gandy
      Athletic Trainer
    • Anne Johnson
      Player Care & Liaison Coordinator

    Camps and Clinics Coaches

      • Dean Atkins
        Director – Coach Education & Development
      • Leigh Jakes
        Manager - Camps & Clinics
      • Lauren Glancy
        Regional Development School Coordinator
      • Ross Keenan
        Regional Development School Coach

      Ticket Sales, Operations and Fan Services

      • Vice President, Sales and Services
      • Director, Incremental Revenue & Strategy
      • Director of Ticket Operations
      • Director of Group Sales and Stadium Tours
      • Manager, Ticket Sales
      • Assistant Director of Ticket Operations
      • Stuart Pease
        Ticket Operations Manager
      • Justin Schrampfer
        Fan Services Manager
      • Group Sales Manager
      • Senior Bilingual Account Executive
      • Matthew Lynch
        Manager, Premium Accounts
      • Premium Account Executive
      • Premium Account Executive
      • Charlie Markel
        Premium Account Service Executive
      • Tessa Geyer
        Group Sales Executive
      • Robert Wofford
        Group Sales Executive
      • Stephen Collier
        Group Sales Executive
      • Morgan Randolph
        Ticket Operations Coordinator
      • Cameron Stewart
        Ticket Operations Assistant
      • Casey Manning
        Ticket Operations Assistant
      • Senior Fan Services Executive
      • Fan Services Executive 
      • Simone Hopps
        Fan Services Executive
      • Natalie Leone
        Fan Services Executive
      • Ryan O'Connor
        Fan Services Executive
      • Joe Gallegos
        Fan Services Executive


      • Director of Communications
      • Chris Winkler
        Manager, Communications
      • Justin Veldhuis
        Communications Coordinator
      • Chris Raimondi
        Communications Coordinator
      • Johannes Schneider
        Communications Coordinator

      Community Relations

      • Marissa Ahrens
        Manager, Community Relations
      • Shelsey Monroy
        Community Relations Coordinator
      • Alec Queisser
        Community Relations Coordinator
      • Grayson Harper
        Community Relations Assistant

      Business Operations

      • Georgia O'Donoghue
        Director, Strategy & Operations
      • Case Garner
        Business Operations Manager


      • Kacey McInerney
        Manager, Marketing & Fan Engagement
      • Nextaly Reyes
        Coordinator, Marketing & Fan Engagement
      • Anna Magee
        Coordinator, Marketing & Fan Engagement
      • Andrew O’Hara
        Coordinator, Marketing & Fan Engagement
      • AJ Taylor
        Assistant, Marketing & Fan Engagement
      • Alex Berardi
        Digital and Street Team Assistant


      • Director of Digital and Broadcast
      • Manager of Social Media and Analytics
      • Mikey Alfano
        Digital Video Producer
      • Catalina Gutierrez
        Digital Video Producer
      • Ryan Little
        Multimedia Producer
      • Jacob Gonzalez
        Team Photographer
      • Daniel Alvarado
        Digital Media Coordinator
      • Morgan Weeks
        Digital Coordinator
      • Daniela Duron
        Digital Media Specialist
      • Maria Ramsaier
        Social Media Coordinator
      • Hannah Fields
        Digital Media Assistant


      Sponsorship Sales and Service

      • David Quiroga
        Sr. Corporate Partnership Executive
      • Ludwig Ossowski
        Corporate Partnership Executive
      • Bria Washington
        Corporate Partnership Executive
      • Phil Libby
        Corporate Partnership Sales Executive


      Facility Operations

      • Luke Mashburn
        Director of Facility Operations
      • Thomas Videki
        Building Superintendent
      • Mike Watson
        Head Groundskeeper
      • Ben Wolosick
        Assistant Groundskeeper
      • Dalton Stanley
        Second Assistant Groundskeeper
      • Andrew Clausen
        Facility Operations Coordinator
      • Holden Zenker
        Facility Operations Assistant

      AMB Sports & Entertainment Group

      • Chief Executive Officer
      • Executive Vice President, Chief Administrative & Financial Officer
      • Chief Information Officer
      • Chief Human Resources Officer
      • Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer
      • Senior Vice President, Chief Communication Officer
      • Senior Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer
      • Michael Egan
        Senior Vice President and General Counsel
      • Melissa Altman
        Senior Counsel
      • Harry Hynekamp
        Vice President, Fan Experience
      • Tameka Rish
        Vice President of Corporate Partnership Services
      • Mace Aluia
        Vice President of Corporate Partnership Sales
      • Dana Harple
        Director of Partnership Services
      • Chris Lee
        Dir. of Corporate Partnership Sales
      • Debbie Slingerland
        Dir. of Corporate Sponsorship Sales
      • Krystle Carter
        Human Resources Generalist
      • Nisha Schmitt
        Director of Retail
      • Kevin Fitzgerald
        Manager of Creative
      • Kevin Pope
        Director of Technical Services
      • Devin King
        Manager, Technical Services
      • Paul Wong
        Technical Analyst
      • Azeneth Mendoza
        Client Support Assistant
      • Angela Franklin
        Director of Financial Planning & Analysis
      • Takisha Reeves
        Manager, Accounts Payable
      • Tucker Brooks
        Sr. Graphic Designer
      • Brittany Davis
        Senior Designer II
      • Kenneth Baldwin
        Junior Designer
      • Samia Ali
        Creative Operations Supervisor
      • Kelsey Gillespie
        Director, Entertainment and Live Events
      • Jamie Coder
        Manager, Entertainment and Live Events
      • Manager, Events