Executive Staff

Technical Staff

Ticket Sales & Service

Communications & Community Relations

  • Director of Communications
  • Chris Winkler
    Manager, Communications
  • Marissa Ahrens
    Manager, Community Relations
  • Justin Veldhuis
    Communications Coordinator
  • Chris Raimondi
    Communications Associate


  • Director of Marketing & Fan Engagement
  • Allison Hoover
    Manager, Marketing & Fan Engagement
  • Jamie Hebert
    Marketing & Fan Engagement Coordinator
  • Kacey McInerney
    Marketing & Fan Engagement Associate


  • Manager, Digital and Social Media
  • Katie Gillen
    Manager, Social Media Analytics
  • Mikey Alfano
    Digital Video Producer
  • Eric Rossitch
    Digital Content Producer
  • Katlyn Stevens
    Social Media Coordinator


Sponsorship Sales and Service

  • Sponsorship Sales Executive
  • Ludwig Ossowski
    Corporate Partnership Executive

AMB Sports & Entertainment Group

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Executive Vice President, Chief Administrative & Financial Officer
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer
  • Senior Vice President, Chief Communication Officer
  • Senior Vice President, Human Resources
  • Senior Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer
  • Senior Vice President, Fan Experience
  • Michael Drake
    Senior Vice President and Chief Revenue Officer, Business Operations
  • Director, Business Analytics
  • David Garcia
    Director, Fan Experience
  • Senior Director of Game Presentation, Events, & Stadium Production
  • Manager, Events
  • Tameka Rish
    Director, Corporate Partnerships
  • Dana Harple
    Sr. Corporate Partnership Executive
  • Tyler Hargrove
    Sr. Corporate Partnership Executive
  • Taylor Walker
    Sr. Corporate Partnership Executive
  • Laura Freel
    Sr. Corporate Partnership Executive
  • David Quiroga
    Corporate Partnership Executive
  • Jordan Mabin
    Corporate Partnership Executive
  • Mace Aluia
    Director of Sponsorship Sales
  • Michael Burrell
    Sponsorship Sales Executive
  • Debbie Slingerland
    Sponsorship Sales Executive
  • Kristen Price
    Executive Assistant, SVP, Chief Commercial Officer
  • Dylan Mitchell
    Sales Administrative Assistant
  • Chris Jones
    Manager, Digital Partnership
  • Nisha Schmitt
    Manager, Retail
  • Michael Benford
    Creative Director
  • Tucker Brooks
    Sr. Graphic Designer
  • Brittany Davis
    Graphic Designer
  • Kenneth Baldwin
    Production Designer
  • Keith Hansard
    Production Coordinator
  • Jason Cothern
    Manager, Game Presentation, Live Events & Video Production
  • Kelsey Gillespie
    Live Event Manager
  • Erika Baranek
    Live Event Producer
  • Brandon Campbell
    Graphics Producer
  • Don Sill
    Sr. Video Producer
  • Randy Cousar
    Video Engineer