Flags Out - This is our city

Flags Out: This is OUR City

From the explorers who first sailed the world, to the brave soldiers headed into battle, to the men who first stepped foot on the moon, flags have always represented a symbol of pride and loyalty. Raising your flag is no simple action, it’s a means of declaring your allegiance, claiming your territory, and defining where your faith lies.

Atlanta is a growing, diverse, international, progressive city that we call our home. It’s a place that has captured our hearts and earned our devotion. It’s time to show your unwavering support, to prove you are a believer in all things Atlanta.

Take your Atlanta United flag and hang it in your window, raise it up in your yard, showcase it where all can admire. Make sure that anyone who passes by knows that this is OUR city. You are not just a fan. You are part of one voice, one people, one club that embodies the meaning and culture of Atlanta.

This flag signifies much more than the fabric and colors that make it up, it’s a way of honoring the city and committing to something bigger than yourself. So wear it with pride and hang it with confidence. Together we all stand as one community, united in our faith and loyalty to Atlanta.

This is OUR city. This is OUR club. And our time is NOW.

As a nod to our 2017 Inaugural Season, we will be placing 2,017 Atlanta United flags throughout streets, parks, and businesses across the city, termed “Takeover Tuesday” as part of our March To Soccer week leading up to the opening match on March 5. The red, black, and gold will be in no short supply, so follow us on social to participate in the flag scavenger hunt and find yours to hang proudly. Make sure to put it where we can see it because those waving prominently could win the Exclusive Grand Prize.