Jovita Moore Atlanta Mural

Hero: Jovita Moore

Jovita Moore was an American television news anchor who worked for WSB-TV in Atlanta, Georgia, from 1998 until she passed away following a battle with brain cancer in 2021.

She mentored students, sat on several boards of directors and donated countless hours to civic associations and non-profit organizations across metro Atlanta. 

Jovita is remembered and missed by the entire city of Atlanta—forever a hero to us all. 

Artist: Tommy Bronx

Tommy Bronx, is a self-taught visual artist and Sr. Designer at ABV Agency & Gallery. His murals and street art are found all over the city of Atlanta. His work jumps off the wall with a mixture of abstract shapes and patterns that he brings to life with vibrant colors.


Bennett’s Market & Deli, 568 Boulevard SE, Atlanta, GA 30312