Mural #7

Heroes: Ian Ford, Bem Joiner, Tory Edwards

Ian Ford, Bem Joiner, and Tory Edwards are the founders of "Atlanta Influences Everything,” a phrase you might have seen on a tshirt but it’s so much more than that. It’s a creative consultancy, focused on combining civic, corporate and cultural understanding to harness the influence of Atlanta’s culture to do good and connect communities. The movement has been supported by people like Jaylen Brown, Keisha Lance-Bottoms, Damien Wilkins, Coach K, and more. 

"In the shadows of the world’s greatest brands, civic leaders and artists, the American Dream seems unattainable for most of our [Atlanta] citizens.To make all of this influence work, we have to intentionally invest in all three pillars. It seems like the rest of the world is telling us to do so. They revere our leaders, buy our brands, dance to our songs and watch our movies. For this to be true, though, our city must do a better job of creating policies that support those that are out here working to extend this influence. " - Bem Joiner

Artist: Fabian Williams aka OccasionalSuperstar

Fabian Williams, @OccasionalSuperstar, is an artist and muralist living in Atlanta, GA. His iconic work is focused on Black culture of both the past and the future. It can be found across the city showcasing politically and socially relevant themes.

Fabian earned his BFA from East Carolina University in Illustration before working in advertising for brands like Nike, Warner Bros, and HBO. Today, he has been featured at Art Basel, on CNN, Headline News, Great Big Story, in The Los Angeles Times, New York Times, and The Atlanta Journal-Constitution along with many more.


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